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Which is better: the PS3 or the XBOX 360?

Asked by Roo (9points) July 17th, 2008

everything from game choices to graphics, you name it…

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From the games I’ve compared from my xbox with a friend’s ps3, I think the graphics are pretty much the same. There’s more games for xbox. It’s dashboard is 1000 times better & more intuitive than the ps3 one.

Given a couple more years, it might switch around a bit, but for the time being, my vote’s definitely for the 360.

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I was so sadly disappointed with the ps3. I had one for three days, but it sucked so bad that it had to go. I highly suggest a 360 or a wii. Wii’s are fun!

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idk, the only thing i like is that the ps3 games are all online, and all free online, but the community isnt as large

oh and one word: HALO

therefore my vote is with xbox 360

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It depends on what you are going for. As far as games I think 360 has more, better games, but on the other hand PS3 has blu-ray. Also 360’s online dashboard is superior. Honestly, right now the blu-ray player would be the only reason why I would go with a PS3.

@waterskier-Halo is pretty sweet. Although I have been playing a lot more COD 4…..amazing

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oh yeah. my roommate this past year had COD 4 for ps3 and a big plasma tv in our dorm room ( i know we were lucky), and we played it a lot but i dont find it as fun as Halo 3 and there are way cooler online modes for Halo

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Console HorsePower – PS3
Online Experience – 360
Game Selection – 360
UI – 360
Downloadable Content (Movies, TV) – 360
Bang for your buck – 360

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The Wii is better than both!!!

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@naveight, haha you have to be joking. i mean sure on user interaction but pure gameplay. no effing way

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Neither – they are both simply plays to turn off your mind

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In my opinion, the Wii is better. I find it much more entertaining. Mind you , I don’t “game” that often because I do have a life. But when I want to play Super smash bros., it gets the job done & I am completely satisfied.

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