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Interested in Jesus?

Asked by busse (66points) July 17th, 2008

If there was a website where your opinion was welcomed, and dogma, religion and “turn or burn” preaching was removed, would you be interested in exploring or discussing the humble life and lessons of Jesus?

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Do we not occasionally do that very thing on here. No need for a site in my eyes.

Unless the site had beneath it all, an agenda of it’s own.
Just my two cents

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Not particularly

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Someone didn’t take their pills today I think.
@bugmenot, have one of the green ones, you’ll be ok.

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We already said no and flagged that question, call Rev. Lovejoy, maybe he will have this discussion with you :s

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I think it is ironic that someone passionate about Jesus would declare said passion with the phrase ”HELL yea”.

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Why golly yes! What would that URL be?

One point for persistence but minus 2000 for being annoying.

NIce try – again.

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hehehe nice one!

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I’m brand new here, sitting beside the founder and development team in a conference in San Francisco and I posted this question to see how it would go over. Great first impression kids.

Who doesn’t enjoy being called annoying when posing a serious question looking to start a conversation? The uninformed criticism, dissing and disrespect is why I generally avoid online foums and this feels like more of the same at first glance. Charming.

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In fairness busse, this question (in both this and its original form) does have an air of advertising about it.
Also, even if you’re not used to online forums, have you experienced many places where you can raise a question such as this without getting opinionated responses??

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@ busse: When your first impression in a new community is an advertisement for your own site, it’s bound to get tossed like any other spam.

Maybe a better way would be to join the community first, talk about something besides Jesus for a while, then build your way towards trying to drive people to your own site.

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In answer to your question BTW, no I would not be interested thank you very much.

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@busse: If the collective isn’t your cup of tea, so be it. An internet forum is what its members make it, and a lot of the member of fluther (a majority, possibly (probably)) simply wouldn’t be interested in such a site, and so they expressed so. If you asked the same question on a site that is already Christian-oriented you’d get a different result (and your advertising would be far more effective.)

To answer the question: I like Jesus; he went around sitting on mountainsides telling people to love each other. But no, I wouldn’t want to spend time on a site with a bunch of nutty christians inevitably telling me I’m going to hell, except for entertainment once in a while.

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Which Jesus? If you mean my mechanic down at the Toyota dealership, then yes, I would love to discuss him in dogma-free forum. he is a great mechanic

He likes to be called “Chuy,” though. Please be sure to put that in your website, so nobody gets confused.

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You get what you ask for. Your question clearly has a point of view. You are disingenuous about that point of view; you don’t even own it in the asking.

I think that rather than condemning the answerers, you need to look to the question.

I am also always blown away that people who come in new with no time spent here getting a feel for the place and its people start ragging on the collective, because it does not conform to their ideas of what this or any internet forum should be.

Would you do that in a coffee shop or bookstore or social club? I don’t think so.

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Ron Paul 2008.

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in short, no.

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Or similarly to what Marina said, wouldn’t a more positive way to approach the negative reaction you got, be to ask why? Or actually try to acquire some knowledge about the reaction you got. But instead you set off on a very stereotypical response for religious people, and condemned the collective because we didn’t agree with you.

It’d bring tears to Jesus’ eyes so it would.

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@osb I have tears from laughing so hard at your answer. Great point.

@busse What would Jesus do? Stone us? I think not.

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@Marina tears in you’re eyes? His reaction would bring tears to Jesus’ eyes.


My God, look everyone Marina is Jesus.
I knew it, didn’t want to mention is before in case I was wrong, but now I have proof.
The Bible was right, our saviour has returned.

I’m going straight to hell

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(Still laughing.) QED Oh, dear, is this blasphemy?

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just to be on the safe side, lets go with Jebus

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Oh my god, Wild, “lolcat.” Can you die from laughing? call 911

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You mean: “Oh me ceiling cat” :)
....and I hope not, but don’t forget to breath!

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Some pretty thoughtful responses here, thanks for chiming in. To be clear though, I’m not trying to drive anyone anywhere and it was merely the first question I thought of. The point made about spending some time here first is valid, but kind of does reveal aspects about this “collective” as it was referenced (which I don’t think I was ragging on). Is the point of this space to engage and participate or sit back and watch in fear of being attacked?

For the record, I suspect I’m going to hell too, but it’s interesting to me that someone (not me) has created a place like where people can discuss such a controversial topic and I was wondering if the same spirit was behind this space I just discovered.

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I’m not particularly interested in Jesus, but I am interested in the Church of Google.

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If you read the fluther guidelines, you will see this:
Fluther Guidelines
Fluther is a collective of people sharing answers, insights, and advice. Please respect the time and energy of the people in the community.

Browsing the site is the easiest way to get a sense of our culture and of what kinds of questions and answers are appropriate.

Well-written, genuine questions provoke the best and most thoughtful answers.

Our trusty moderators will remove anything that is:

Tragically misspelled
Totally open-ended or poorly thought out
Trolling (or thinly masked propaganda)
Self-promotional (No peddling, promos, or marketing)
Egocentric attention-grabbing
Hateful, abusive, or bigoted
Vague, confusing, or generally non-sensical
A personal attack
Off-topic chatter or an inside joke
Excessive txtspeak (“ZOMG r u 4 real?!?!?!!? LOL”)
Of course, we also remove the obvious stuff:

Illegal content
Spam, or anything that smells like it
Pornography or obscenity (R-Rated is okay, just keep it tasteful)

So to say that we gave a bad first impression sounds a little like sour grapes to me. When I walk into a person’s home, I don’t tell them how they should run it. My mommy taught me that was bad manners when I was just a little girl.

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Um eh. If you have no interest in driving us anywhere, and this idea just popped into you head, then eh, what development team and found are you sitting next to at dat dar conference of yours?

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@osullivanbr Exactly, and did you notice the link got snuck in anyway??

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Nicely done to so it was. Sneaky devil (oh no can’t say that). Sneaky rascal.

Response moderated (Spam)
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@busse I applaud you for coming back into dialogue with us. Welcome to the collective.

This was what I referred to as ragging on the collective (emphasis is mine):

“The uninformed criticism, dissing and disrespect is why I generally avoid online foums (sic) and this feels like more of the same at first glance. Charming.

There have been many interesting and lively and multi-viewed discussions of religion here including this thread and this one , and there have been many others just in the last few weeks.

Much of the reaction that you got was the way that you posed your question. It always helps to put a little more of yourself in there.

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My Japanese God-Jesus robot suffered many indignities over a long stretch of days – nay, weeks – and finally those Evereadys gave up the ghost. I’m thankful for everything that pile of plastic and metal did for me and my brethren.

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Actually, I was kind of intrigued by the question, “Interested in Jesus”?

I clicked in because I thought there actually might be some discussion about how relevant Jesus is in this day and age.
Obviously the Christians are interested in him, and I expect gradations in that.
And as for the non-Christians, the agnostics, the atheists around fluther, obviously Jesus is something floating around the Western consciousness as a historical and religious figure.

But to answer the question, no, I’m not interested in Jesus enough to go to a specialised website, though I am curious about how people experience or relate to Jesus (or Buddha, or Ganesh). Which you might get here on fluther if you ask the right question.

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Only if you would spend your time on a website where we rejected the idea of jesus as the zombie son of a virgin and a god and we talked instead about humanistic secularism. If you spend your time there…. maybe then we can talk.

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Jesus died???? Who’s going to fix my Camry?

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Don’t worry, knot. Zombie. He came back, and as long as all his fingers stay attached, he can still hold a wrench.

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I think knot was referring to a non-zombie jesus.

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If I were you, Kmd, I’d put my automotive faith in this fellow.

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The father-midget would have better access to the undercarriage of my car.

blasphemy! flagellation

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Nah, I already do that at my youth group, why the Internet? Seems boring. Like this thread.

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You guys are fairly awesome.

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You just made my day hahahaha

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@busse we are uberbatman!

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We do invoke awe. Yes.

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Yeah, although I lurve saying uberbatman, I’m going to agree that in this case, the word awesome could be correct.

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ah, I’d have to go with “No”. There’s a million time wasting discussions going on about Jesus everyday (see also, this thread), I don’t think the world needs yet another.

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I’ve already read that book too many times.

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