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What is the most decadent meal you ever ate?

Asked by Kardamom (31920points) June 3rd, 2015

I honestly can’t remember what mine was. I’ve eaten a lot of great things in my life, plus I attend a lot of family and work parties where fabulous food has been brought or made by friends and relatives, and I love a good casino buffet. I can’t really pin it down.

Can you?

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Im not sure if decadent is what you mean, but the best meal I ever ate was in panama. It was oxtail soup and some awesomely seasoned fresh corn.

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I had the most delicious vegetarian meal in Barcelona. I think the setting made it extra-special

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It’s a tie between a Pasta Bolognese (made with goose and white wine) or a Seafood Risotto. Both had in Venice, Italy almost ten years apart from one another.

Like @Stinley said, the location likely enhanced the meal quite a bit.

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I was on vacation with my family in the South of France, and we were hungry for lunch. My father pulled into an auberge, where we had lunch on the back patio under a trellis. One of the outstanding meals of my life, my appetizer was a pate of thrush, followed by sauteed rabbit.

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IDK. I’m not much into decadent

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In my career, I’ve been blessed with opportunities to travel extensively and enjoy fabulous dining experiences. My most recent was at a farm-to-table restaurant in Nashville, Rolf and Daughters. Sublime. I’m in New Orleans next week, and we’ve got a great lineup of eateries to enjoy.

My most decadent eating adventure has more to do with the setting than the food, but that was spectacular as well. I took a culinary excursion while on a Mediterranean Cruise last year. The ship’s executive chef, a protégé of Jacque Pepin, guided a small group. We bussed along the French Riviera from Monte Carlo to Nice. In Nice, we shopped the spectacular flower and produce markets (I took home some amazing olive oil).

We then drove to the medieval walled city of Eze and had a private four-course lunch and wine pairing at Chateau Eze. The whole experience was other-worldly to me.

As others have mentioned, the setting enhances the dining experience immensely.

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It wasn’t a meal, and I’ve probably mentioned it before, but for my 16th birthday my aunt had a surprise party for me at her house. One of the dishes she served was medallions of King crab meat in a home made cream sauce. Easily 3” across and 1½ – 2” long.

I marveled at the delicious extravagance and she was sort of shy about admitting that they had had another couple over for dinner and those were just leftovers! MY kind of leftovers.

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I never had one. I did , however, go to a party in a hotel when I was twenty. They had a glass bowl bigger than any punch bowl full of caviar. I ate it on their crackers non-stop . Didn’t even wish to socialize. Never had had caviar before and loved it.

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Italian villa (from before the Vesuvius eruption in 79 AD) overlooking Naples Bay. A five course meal with much wine and liquor. Include barnacles and a pasta course that had the chef make the fettuccine from scratch in front of us.

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The most decadent food I’ve seen was at President Carter’s inauguration another of my old stand-byes

The Corcoran Art Gallery in Washington was opened by invitation for the evening. Tables probably 75’ in length stretched from the entry into both wings of the main gallery. Roasted hindquarter of beef (complete with paper frill on top) started each side of each table. Larger-than-life goose pate/sculpture. A German room (sausage beer and cheese), a seafood room, and a huge round desert room.

I was there, but I can’t find any record of the party. I had an “insiders” ticket, so I can only guess that it was held at an art museum so there could be no legal pictures.

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Filet Mignon at a wedding. It was perfectly made.

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