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What was your "experience of a lifetime"?

Asked by Strauss (21157points) June 10th, 2015

Please share with the collective any type of unusual experience you have had that either changed your life, or at least given you some lifetime memories and stories to tell.

This was inspired by these two posts by in the something good thread.

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Going to the Tony Awards with my sister in 2013. Quite the magical night and a dream come true for a lifelong theater geek.

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Having lived a pretty long life, I’ve been fortunate to have had many wonderful lifetime experiences, but I have to rank my first trip abroad—to China—pretty damned high on the list. Not since have I experienced anything quite as thrilling as standing on a wide step leading up to the Great Wall and watching a setting sun.

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During Christmas break in 2009 I was preparing for an eight hour drive back to where I live, when I suddenly realized that I forgot to pack the presents I received from my grandparents. While driving, I spotted a puppy on the side of the road laying still. If I had not stopped, it probably would had froze to death. I looked at the collar, called the number, and left them a message. I traveled 30–40 minutes to their house and when I showed up with their dog, they were crying and thanking me over and over again. It turned out that the puppy was a Christmas present to their son, Aiden, who was battling cancer at the time. The puppy had gotten lose while they were visiting their aunt on Christmas Day. I ended up talking to them for hours, Aiden and their family were so incredibly nice and I still keep in touch with them. Aiden’s cancer is in remission now

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I was 22 when I hitch hiked from the west coast of the US to the mid-west. The first evening on the road, when daylight was disappearing, I was hit on for sex by 3 men in a row who picked me up.

It was then that I understood what it felt like to be a piece of ass. The experience fundamentally changed my approach towards dating and relationships with women. Nearly overnight, I transformed from a hormone-driven, selfish young male, to a more respectful, courteous, and compassionate mature man.

I’m still grateful for the experience.

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You’d never believe it.

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We went bungee jumping on our honeymoon.

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Skydiving, being on a navy ship during a huge storm, chasing drug dealers in speed boats, and jumping from the top level of the ship into the ocean.

I also went to a huge party in the middle of nowhere in the mountains. We did psychedelics and partied until the same came up over a mountain ridge. There was a guy with a full DJ set out there so it was like being in a club without the expensive drinks and other BS.

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Met a girl with whom I seem to have an immediate natural psychic link of some sort. About ten years later, I thought I must’ve been embellishing my memory. Went back (to other side of world) to see her again. Same thing. Extremely cool. Then (not getting into relationship with her :-( and later) finding out it’s possible to achieve the same state with other people, though with us it was just automatic.

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Experiencing twins.
Kale was saying, “Bladda goomy bladda gee!” Savannah watched and listened intently, then turned to Rick and said, “Where is Gramma?!”
Another time Kale was blathering in some unfathomable language and Savannah yelled “NO KALE!!!”

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Also experiencing twins. It is a known fact (and I’ve experienced it!) that twins have their own private language babble that they use to communicate long before they learn their family’s language.

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I’m an identical twin too, and I can definitely attest your comments lol

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Naw, the two I have are fraternal, and different as night and day, in both their personalities and in their looks! One is dark, with black eyes, the other is super white, with super blue eyes.

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I would say meeting Peter Christopherson, one of my biggest musical influences/personal inspirations, in a sidewalk cafe before a Throbbing Gristle concert. That’ll never happen again (neither meeting him nor seeing a TG concert).

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Spending six weeks in a rural village (no electricity, no medical care, no paved roads, no vehicles other than bicycles and tuk tuks) in the mountains of Laos.

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My mission trips! I think my favorite one was India though!

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Well, duh @Misspegasister28! I love hearing your stories! Do you have a blog?

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Two weeks in Chongqing, the most amazing of cities, where I met my girlfriend before going on a cruise down the Yangtze.

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Giving birth to each of my children. Those were extreme life changing experiences that have led to a lifetime of fabulous memories.

Other than that, I can’t think of anything specific. I’ve had some amazing times. Great experiences but nothing I’d call ‘experience of a lifetime’. I’ve made decisions that have been life-changing but they resulted in long-term experiences rather than a definable moment or period of time.

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@Dutchess_III I don’t, actually. That sounds kinda fun to start one though!

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WordPress is a good blog site. Here’s mine:

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