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True or false: No good deed goes unpunished?

Asked by stanleybmanly (22384points) June 10th, 2015 from iPhone

no details necessary

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False, because, remember, time woulds all heels. lol

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In my opinion about 85% true a lot of times you do a good deed and get kicked in the teeth for it.
But the other 15% you actually see that your good deed did someone or something a world of good so I guess it’s those times that keep us doing them.

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@SQUEEKY2. I suppose a 15% return on your “investment” is laudable!

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True. (But isn’t this a de facto polling question that Fluther loathes?)

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wounds, wounds, wounds all heels. haha

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Neither. It’s only when you get effed for doing something helpful/nice/kind/useful and there is a lot of irony surrounding the situation that you actually notice the punishment aspect.

Most of the time, when you do something good, it actually helps and people are gracious at best, or simply neutral, which is more likely.

Got one of the ironic kicks in the teeth just a few minutes ago, from an old friend. Still reeling from that : (

^^ The only way for me to productively deal with the above situation is for me to pay it forward to someone else.

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Yes and most bad deeds get rewarded. Have I got the right end of the stick here?

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@Hypocrisy Central yep. I’m surprised it’s been up this long.

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^ Had to lurve that, I admire your honesty.

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