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What is your favorite hot or spicy food?

Asked by Kardamom (31432points) June 10th, 2015

I’m heading out for Indian food for lunch today. I love spicy foods with a slightly hotter than average amount of heat. I can drink salsa like a cocktail. I don’t necessarily like things as hot as heck, but I do love a lot of spicy flavor in my food.

What hot and/or spicy foods, dishes, or cuisines do you like.

Pictures and links would be great. Also, if you know of any good restaurants that serve delicious spicy food, I’d like to hear about them.

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I don’t care for very spicy, but jalapeno poppers, with the seeds removed, is addictive! Just a whisper of spicy.

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I love salsa of all kinds, zing up soups and other dishes with cracked red pepper a lot, love pickled peppers, and all spicey mexican foods, curry, wasabi, hot mustards, horseradish. I lika my spice. :-)

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I love a lunch at Henry’s Hunan restaurant in San Francisco. Some dumplings with chili oil, and an order of Harvest Pork.

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I like jerk chicken (real jerk chicken, not just chicken with jerk seasonings). I like buffalo wings. I like hot and sour soup. I like Indian food. If I were to name one of the above, it would be a hard choice.

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What is jerk chicken?

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@Dutchess_III: I have not tried this recipe (or any recipe for that matter) but this seems to be a pretty accurate representation. It’s got black spices on it, it’s grilled or stewed and it can be so hot it will make your lips numb.

It’s usually served with rice and cabbage and maybe some peas or beans, and maybe some plantains. The gravy is really good when it’s put on top of the cabbage and the rice, which gives a bit of heat to them, too. Jerk chicken doesn’t necessarily have to be very spicy – there are milder versions of it. If you see a Jamaican restaurant, they will often have jerk chicken.

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Right now I’m digging those Doritos Jacked 3-D chips! They have the $1.49 size bag at The Dollar Tree right now and I’m averaging about a bag a day.

I love cream cheese jalapeno poppers.

The local Oriental restaurant has frog legs on the Friday buffet. They fry them, then shake them in a pan with fresh sliced jalapeno peppers and they’re delicious! Just the right amount of kick.

Cholula chipotle is kick-butt, especially on anything mayo or cream based, like seafood salad.

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My stomach is not a fan of spicy foods, but I do love hot Chinese mustard and Japanese wasabi. I also like chiles rellenos is the chiles are pretty mild.

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@ibstubro I forgot to tell you, the same day you were talking about the veggie broth at Dollar Tree, I went back over there (I go there about once a week) and they had it, so I bought three cartons. They also had the veggie samosas. I bought 2 boxes of those, but I haven’t tried them yet. My mom and I went out to a new place for Indian food today. It was really good!

Don’t get me started on Doritos. I shan’t go near them. When I was in Junior High, I could easily scarf down a family sized bag of the nacho cheese flavored ones. Now, I simply don’t eat them, because they’re too tempting. I’ll try to imagine them in my mind Lol.

@Pachy I love that hot mustard too. I like wasabi too, but I swear, I can’t seem to get the right sized bite of it without getting that horrible burning nose sensation. Chile rellenos are one of God’s gifts (or is it dog’s gifts?) to man, or in my case, woman.

@Coloma. I love salsa! The more the merrier. I love a well stocked salsa bar at a Mexican restaurant. I am lucky to live in Southern CA, where Mexican food is on every street corner, so I’ve downed gallons and gallons of salsa over my life time.

@Dutchess_III I love me some jalapeño poppers. I should try to make some myself. I’d like to get one of those Jalapeño Coring Tools.SL1500.jpg.

@zenvelo Yum, spicy Chinese food. We used to have a really good vegetarian Chinese restaurant about a half hour away from my house. It was one of my favorite restaurants of all time, but they went out of business. They were really in the wrong part of town. They were situated in an affluent area, mostly white (probably all white) mostly older population, with lots of retired people, who prefer the “Americanized” version of Chinese food. They should have set up camp in our quirky gay neighborhood, or our young-ish hipsterish neighborhood, or one of our hippy dippy beach communities, they would have made a killing. It was healthy, ironic, and fabulous!

@jca I have actually had jerk chicken! Can you believe that? Back, pre-1990, when I still ate meat, that was when jerk dishes first came into popularity in our area. I love the spice combo, and you’re right, it can be super hot, or just spicy, but not flaming hot. It kind of has a tart-spicy, slightly salty flavor to it. I have had the spice combo on vegetarian items, but it is best on chicken.

One of my favorite hotter than medium-hot sauces is Ring of Fire. It’s super addicting. If you are one of those people that can’t tolerate much heat, don’t try this, it’s about 100 times spicier than say Taco Bell hot sauce, for comparison. On the other hand, if you like spicy food, this stuff is medium hot, but oh so flavorful.

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@Kardamom: This is a great hot sauce – El Yucateco Green Chile. The red one is good, too. They’re both thick and very hot, so a little goes a long way. Trust me, a few drops in a pot of rice and it’s got a burn. Add it sparingly, because really, one or two drops makes the difference between hot and ruined.

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An old New England elixir, Fire Cider. You can make it yourself at home, just google for a recipe. My mouth is watering just thinking about it; gonna go have a shot right now.

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Very cool, @Kardamom. I didn’t buy broth because it’s about 95° here today.
The Samosas seem to be a fixture at Dollar Tree at present I fried mine too long, perhaps the oven is the ticket? and do let me know if you like them.
I’m all over Indian food, and I ate 2 helpings of the spicy veggie dish on the buffet. The restaurant I go to has naan that you just want to bury your face into. Like a woman’s breast in a romance novel.——TMI!
I’ll keep you abreast posted on any future veggie products.

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I’m learning to love Indian food, and other than vindaloo, I prefer spicy over the milder selections. Garam marsala is now one of my favorite spice mixtures to use when cooking. Since you are a vegetarian, how about crispy vegetable pakoras or spicy vegan potato curry?

And since you like British stuff, have you had the opportunity to try a fiery ginger beer?

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Trader Joe’s has decent quality Indian food in the frozen section.

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I love hot and spicy dishes. Like Asian cuisines, especially Korean cuisines.

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I used to love eating five star Thai food. I had to work my way up to it. I am sure I could not eat it now.

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