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Where shall we go (and maybe stay) in Yellowstone?

Asked by marinelife (62445points) June 17th, 2015

We are driving across country and plan to spend two days in Yellowstone National Park.

What are some can’t miss highlights and what area of the park should we stay in?

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Get reservations ! ! !

Old Faithful – - Mammoth Hot Springs – - Yellowstone Lake – - Grand Prismatic Spring – - Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

I’ve visited there several times since 1958.

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Are you interested in backcountry camping? There are several nice places within a 90 minute hike to the camp site. Old Faithful Inn is probably the iconic lodge to stay in. It’s the largest log structure in the world, if I remember correctly.

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You’re gonna need more than two days!

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I like this place!

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I tell you what I think Old Faithful is a dud and overrated. I have seen it three times erupt and none of the three were worth waiting for. There are much larger and more magnificent geysers in the park they just aren’t as reliable/faithful as Old Faithful is. I would skip it. A lot of the time it blows and you seriously don’t even know whether it just blew or not because you’re like “Wait, is that it? It has to be bigger than that!”

That being said everything else is amazing. The Grand Prismatic Spring is one of my favorite attractions :) Lots of good birding up there too if you’re interested. Yellowstone Lake is gorgeous also, nearly impossible to not run into it at some point!

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What if you threw some Viagra into Old Faithful?

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