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Asked by IWinTheBet (13points) July 14th, 2015 from iPhone

Does anyone know what the word “Heartstepmaker” means?


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Is that a translation from another language of a word that means “pacemaker” in English? that’s what it sounds like.

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My first thought was a pulse monitor that a runner might use to… monitor their pulse while running or working out. But all I’m finding on the net is buzz about a band named Hearstepmaker on mostly Danish sites with comments in German and Danish.

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Yes, it means “Pacemaker” in German. Herzschrittmacher. The Penguin wins on sheer intuition!

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And brains.

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That’s a given

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always something sexy about brainy intuitive penguins!

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Why boys, I may have to take my glasses off and shake my tail feathers now!

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