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Why is my mac working only when plugged in? Also the battery icon says "not charging" and it shuts off the instant I remove the cord. How do I solve this problem?

Asked by emilyrose (2272points) July 19th, 2008

It’s a fairly new computer, I’ve had it less than a year. I was just away for a couple of weeks and I can’t remember if I left it off or on, but now it will only work when plugged in which is a pain for multiple reasons.

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perhaps the battery is not attached properly. Take it out and clean it (wipe the dust away etc) and put it back in.

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by the way its the new magnet attachment. I just did what Joey recommended and that didn’t seem to solve the problem. So strange! I also can’t even turn it on without the cord being attached!!!

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Sometimes it says not charging for me but it doesn’t turn off when I remove the cord. I say just turn it off properly and then let it sit for like 5 or 10 minutes before you turn it back on.

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umm is the battery charged all the way.. something might have gone wrong with the battery.. since its only less then a year old you should take it to an apple store if it still has warranty… they can help you with your computer.. something is probably not working or running low on something.. idk.. hope you get it solved

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Call AppleCare tech support at 1–800-275–2273 and they can walk you through all the potential problems/fixes in a few minutes.

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Bring it to the Apple Store before your year runs out. They’ll replace the defective battery free of charge.

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My Dell did exactly that and it was a bad battery.

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yup, sounds like a bad battery, warranty covers it, so off you go to the store

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Yeah, go talk to one of their so-called “geniuses”. Just remember to make a reservation.

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