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What is plaguing Texas?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28854points) July 23rd, 2015

Looks like Jade Helm is far less dangerous (or interesting) to Texas than a swarm of bugs so large that it can be seen on radar.


Is this one of biblical plagues coming home to roost?

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It’s only the beginning. Of course, nobody here is likely to believe me…

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According to Forrest Mitchell, Observations Program Leader at the National Weather Service of Norman, Oklahoma, quoted in the link:

It’s fairly common during the warm season…It’s a testament of the sensitivity of the radars we use.

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Wasn’t Trump headed there. The second biblical plague.

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I’m not sure the exact nature of what’s going on, but I believe the cure can be found here.

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@ibstubro – that mite be true.

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The world didn’t end in 1874, @snowberry , so no… anyone who holds with facts and actual knowledge of science and history isn’t going to believe you.

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If it were a Biblical plague people would desire water more than gold, and weep for nursing mothers. Hopefully most of you will have passed before that happens, which might be good, but most likely no better. However science says this is fairly common, just another cycle of things like climate change of the Earth, so eat, drink, boink and be merry, it ain’t no “thang”, you can even give Bush a pass on this one, if there were a plague it would surely be because he pollutes the state.

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&(#&!%%@)=(#*#& !!!!!!!!
That is insane! I have this tennis racquet looking portable bug zapper. If I lived there I’d be stocked up on batteries and waving the thing like mad.

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Back before the Civil War in the wet cattle country of the Kissimmee River Valley along the south-east coast of Florida, before insecticides, etc., contemporary diaries, letters, journals and news reports describe summer skies blackened at high noon by clouds of mosquitos that would come through the valley and actually leave behind whole herds of dead cattle. Cowboys would cover ever inch of their skin with a thick layer of mud, get under a tarp, and ride it out.

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Looks like they have a similar situation in Sabula, IA, only this is with mayflies!

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I have seen mayflies make a bridge slick over the Mississippi River. And they stink.

Never mind the one that was once found floating in my Indian Taco street food!

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If it was a taco from India, it just might be so!

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If I remember right, @Yetanotheruser, it was taco slop on a pita. Not sure of the intent. Not bad but for the bug. I quietly took it to the rear of the wagon where she offered me another as recompense. Uh, NO.

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