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Do you ever ask a question, knowing full well, in advance, that you will not accept the answer/advice?

Asked by Kardamom (31412points) July 27th, 2015

If so, why do you bother even asking the question?

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No, I’m stubborn, hardheaded, and a dick, but I will listen to someone else’s views.

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Out of curiosity, with your question and details worded that way, do expect many (or any for that matter) people to answer “yes”?

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Every. Single. Time.

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I ask questions & you lovely fuckers can do what you want with them, just questions after all.

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I may not always take the advice, but if I’m asking for some, it is because I want to at least consider it, and explore the issue. But it has to be said, if it’s anything technical, I can just Google it, as no doubt I’d be told to do, anyway. :p

I also have recieved great advice from you, @Kardamom. Cooking recipes and pickled vegetable help, I remember in particular having been useful. :)

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No, never a thought with me.

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No, if I ask, I want a variety of opinions and ideas even if I have already formulated a tentative plan.

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Yep. I only hear what I want to.

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No. I ask because I want to learn what jellies have to say. I have gone into some questions knowing that someone would get offensive, or over the top preachy, etc. but as long as someone actually has something to add, I want them to chime in. I am disappointed not more people have contributed to my good cop bad cop thread, but I made a correct prediction that a particular anti authority jelly would delight in providing bad cop stories. (Thank you Legion, as they have been very colorful and informative. :-)
I have asked a question or two knowing certain jellies would take the opportunity to vent, and that is okay too. Just be aware, I may vent right back until the jugular is spurting in my mouth, ha ha!
Welcome all comers. Sometimes I learn stuff I never expected to.

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ALL of the advice?

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The only way to be certain that I won’t follow ANY advice among the multitude of answers is if I know in advance what those answers will be. A lot of questions here ostensibly requesting advice would be better categorized as soliciting opinions.

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You might not take their advice, but I do like hearing their opinions on the question weather or not I agree with them.

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Not on Fluther. But I’ve done this in real life. Asked a question because I felt like I should hear what my friend or whoever has to say, even though I’ve already made up my mind. I recognize it’s kind of a silly thing to do. But I’m not a jerk about it. I listen to them; I just know that it won’t change my mind.

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Nope. That would just be a waste of time.

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