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If or when you feel yourself sinking into a quagmire of negativity, how to you stop yourself or pull yourself out of it?

Asked by Kardamom (30916points) August 12th, 2015

Sometimes I feel myself getting sucked into the quicksand of negativity, either because I’m watching the news on TV (where everything is bad, or worse, depending upon what network you are watching) or because there are some situations in my life that are sucky that I may not be able to change, or there are certain people around me who seem to have an aura of negativity constantly floating around them.

The only things that seem to help me from getting sucked into the negativity vortex are to mentally step back, and climb up an imagined mountain to look down upon the situation, rather than to walk along side of the situation, as if it were my only companion. From the viewpoint of the imaginary mountain, I can see things a bit more clearly, and to make a conscious choice not to let myself be pulled down into the negative mire. I might not be able to fix or solve any problems, but I can decide not to allow myself to be consumed with negativity.

The other thing I do that helps me, is to make a decided effort to “pay it forward.” This means by doing good/kind/useful things for other people who might need something. I generally don’t pay it forward to the people who are causing the negative cloud to float near me. Those people tend not to give a sh*t. I like/want/need to pay it forward to other people, one’s who are not causing grief, but who might need something, even if it’s something small, to give them some sort of assistance, or relief, of just a little bit of joy.

What do you guys do, to keep from allowing yourself to turn into a negative nellie?

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I do similar things to you. Take myself out of the situation and avoid people who are very negative. I’m not a naturally negative person and I tend to only find myself getting that way when I’m very stressed. Say when I’m feeling abused and undervalued at work. There have been times when I know I’ve been guilty of having a bitch because I’ve felt very unhappy with a situation, but I always feel worse after I’ve done that. I feel like it just adds to the existing negativity and burdens the person I’m moaning to. So I try to avoid talking about things in a whining, negative way. If I’m going to talk about something like that, I try to do it in a way that’s proactive and can lead to some change rather than just having a good ol’ bitch.

Other than that, if I feel myself going into a funk, I listen to music, watch some comedy, go for a walk and I’ve even said to my husband we need to get away so I can take myself out of the situation that’s bringing me down and help me to snap out of it. Simply going for a walk and getting some fresh air can help lift my spirits or just doing something different.

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I get out my Ruger 10/22. load the magazine and play Russian roulette. I’m kidding, obviously, but I wanted to get through to you. Do you have any relatives with young children? I got to spend last weekend with my 4 year old nephew at the Broome County Fair. God, he ran me ragged but he had so much fun on rides and stuff it was just so reinvigorating. We even watched lawn mower racing. What a redneck day but so much fun watching him enjoying things.

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I don’t know exactly what it is that accounts for a good disposition. I have found that it’s difficult to be sour when good music’s around. The same can be said for good fellowship and of course, good food. The weight of the world is wearisome, but thank goodness for the distractions. Another thing I figured out is it’s tough to be “down” when you’re busy. And people with the good fortune to be busy at things they enjoy are always ahead of the blues. I think the benefits of exercise are often overlooked by those who tend to linger in the dumps, and I KNOW that not eating right can have a tremendous effect on one’s overall mood and disposition.

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I distract myself until I feel better, try to use humor or vent to a friend or…. have a few drinks. lol
Seriously, it can be hard. I am naturally a good natured type and don’t complain much, prefer to keep my negativity to myself and am very good at not projecting it outward. I never take my moods out on others.

I have had an extremely stressful few years that continue to be highly stressful and am finding it increasingly difficult dealing with others that always seem to have something to bitch and complain about , most often petty things when I just keep quiet and deal with my negativity by myself. It seems the ones that have the most to complain about don’t, and the ones that have little to complain about do. Bah Humbug! :-p

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@Coloma Hey bitch, I’m going to force liquor down your throat, then use my cattle prod on your ass, and then get mean. That’ll take care of your negativity.

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@Adirondackwannabe Growl, hiss, spit, scratch. lol

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Laughs, I knew you get that. There’s probably some people out there wondering why you don’t want to castrate me. I like you. You’re fun.

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@Adirondackwannabe I am fun, dammit! Thanks, I needed a laugh. Kiss my frog dude! lol

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Will she turn into a really hot princess? I might eat her legs, either way. :)

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Oooh baby! haha ;-)

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Laughs you got that, I’m eating all the way up her legs. That’s the princess by the way.

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