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Should Fluther consider a separate, independent comment thread for each answer?

Asked by pranali (75points) August 21st, 2015

At present everything is jumbled up, so that comments to an answer are mixed up with new answers. It thus becomes very difficult to follow the discussion by various users to a given answer. I suggest Fluther should look into it.

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Sorry to say, Fluther isn’t “looking into” anything.
The two developers moved on years ago, and one of them pays the server fees for strictly nostalgic reasons.

If you’re Bill Gates (bottomless pockets seeking to improve the lot of humanity) and looking into buying Fluther with the intention of making it popular again, then yeah, that’s the best suggestion EVER for improving Fluther!
Until you meet the rest of the jellies, then your ass is your own.

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Or if you’re very smart, you can create another site just like Fluther, and incorporate all the features you think would make it better than Fluther!

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The creators of Fluther left a few years ago to go to work for Twitter. They are not making any new changes or adding any new features, ever again. They show up now and again to fix any current features that may be glitching, and that’s the only thing that keeps this place alive. It’s a labor of love on their part.

This is the second time in a week that a new user has come in, criticizing a site that they know almost nothing about. As @jca, go start your own site and see what it takes to create and maintain it before you start offering suggestions on improving an “old” site that’s been around for almost 8 years, which is a miracle by itself.

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