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How do I utilize DTS-HD and Dolby TruHD audio for my laptops, cellphones, and Blu-ray players?

Asked by obvinate (100points) August 25th, 2015

To replace the inferior built-in audio in my laptops, and cellphones, I bought a portable usb dac/headphone amp. However, it only supports PCM and DSD. It is perfect when it comes to listening to high resolution lossless audio, but not when it comes to movies. For movies, a different lossless format is utilized which is called DTS-HD/Dolby TruHD. As far as I know, only av receivers offer decoding for these two formats.

Since the external-portable usb dac doesn’t decode DTS/Dolby and I would like to watch a DTS-HD/Dolby TruHD blu-ray movie, either from my cellphones using a streaming service like VUDU/Netflix or through my laptops blu-ray drive, how else would I be able to utilize the DTS-HD/Dolby TruHD audio from the movie?

It seems for this to work I would have to connect the usb dac from the laptops/cellphones into the av receiver. Is that correct? If yes, how would that work exactly? Line out or optical out from usb dac into the input of av receiver?

Although, from what I understand Dolby/DTS is limited to hdmi connectivity. Is that correct?

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