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Why does iBooks have an ebook store but the Kindle app does not?

Asked by AshlynM (10552points) September 9th, 2015


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The Kindle app does have a store on Android.

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Kindle does have a store. It is called

iNooks are content bought through Apple, the only place to get apple content is through the iTunes Store.

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The Kindle app does not have an option to go the bookstore. Yes, I realize you can still buy ebooks on the website.

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In case you didn’t click on the link that @DoNotKnow presented, maybe you should’ve. While it could’ve used a little more detail in it’s presentation, it does answer your question directly.

Basically, that button was removed because Apple refuses to allow anyone other than Apple to put software on Apple hardware unless they get a cut of the profits. Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes&Noble weren’t too keen on that so they decided to remove the in-app purchasing option before Apple did what it does best; file a lawsuit.

Thanks to that move, those who use iDevices will give even more money to Apple as iBooks is more convenient than the competition and then proselytize about how Apple is better than everyone at everything and how Steve Jobs invented the transistor when the truth is simply that Apple sabotages any competitor they can’t buy out.

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@zenvelo iNooks? Isn’t Nook strictly a Barnes & Noble brand?

As @zenvelo pointed out, Kindle (tablets and the PC app) does have an ebook store. It’s called the Kindle Store, and it is loaded with wonderful bargains.

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@sahID That was a typo I didn’t catch, and it is too late to correct!

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