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Can you show me some anime of people killing teammates ?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) September 19th, 2015

Like DragonBall where Vegita kills Napa because he was injured.

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That is oddly specific and slightly suspicious.

Do you mean a mercy killing?


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@cheebdragon I just watched a YouTube video of Vegita killing Napa and I wondered if their is any other similar things that makes the bad guy look bad ass. I was wondering if it is in other anime or other types of television. Does a writer need a pH. D. In philosophy to introduce justice , or ethics, to children?

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@talljasperman If that’s inappropriate for kids, then just about everything in DBZ is. Especially the Japanese original with all the butts and penises.

Check out the movie Ninja Scroll though. Some dudes have to fight these bad guys called the eight devils of Kimon. But two of these bad guys end up killing one teammate each. Yurimaru kills Benisato, and Zakuro kills Yurimaru, due to a fucked up love square.

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