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Aren't they a lovely picture of friendly tranquility- and BFF's?

Asked by msh (4262points) September 22nd, 2015 from iPhone

Putin and Netanyahu, that’s who! Such closeness. A match made in…Oh my gosh! I wonder if those who invited Benny to speak here in the US, are having hissy fits as we watch the happy couple? Does Bashar get to come out to play also? Are we really still sending $aid$ to Ben for his country?
Seriously? Why?
Just askin’....

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Look at it this way. Netanyahu is a whore. The US didn’t pay him enough (respect, armaments, etc.) and he’s a greedy little shit. So he tries to sell himself to the next guy in the room.

This is jut flirting, however. Netanyahu (and Israel) aren’t going to ally themselves with Russia, and Putin is an untrustworthy pile of crap.

This is a photo-op, nothing more nothing less.

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You’re missing the big picture. Israel is isolated in the world. It’s policies regarding the Palestinians has left it the pariah state everywhere but here, and though we may be the biggest kid on the block, there is little doubt that we are certainly not the smartest, nor the most stable when it comes to foreign policy reliability. The 65 year honeymoon and embarrassing situation of perceived Israeli interests driving U S foreign policy is winding down, and the landmark failure to wag the dog on the nuclear deal with Iran is only a harbinger of things to come. Then there’s the old lesson of having all of your eggs in one basket, that is visibly fraying as you watch. In the coming years, it will become increasingly apparent that the position of Israel as a viable democratic entity as it now sits is not tenable minus considerable aid from external sources, and our own wheezing economic situation is more than just another down slope on the capitalist roller coaster. It is ironic how history consistently deals bad news to the Jews, as their god once more treats his chosen people to the back of his hand. The big puzzle to me is that anyone, regardless of longing and tradition, would look at the privation and turmoil defining Palestine and see a “promised land”.

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