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Rowing assistance?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5906points) October 25th, 2015

I saw that people needed questions, so I felt I should throw this one out there because it’s been on my mind.

After 9 years of volleyball, I’ve decided to quit and start something new. My friend told me how much rowing has changed her life and how much she loves it.

Anyone know anything about rowing? What to expect?

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Expect fitness, tranquility, and satisfaction. (unless you sit on a stupid machine in the gym and do it)

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Not specifically, but I do oar a 14’ raft on occasion.

And I have to agree, what @Apparently_Im_The_Grumpy_One said.

From observing, it appears that even when you are rowing (or sculling) either in tandem or a group setting you are alone with your thoughts for the most part. I would imagine that in a group you have to have great awareness of the others on the crew and what they are doing but even then, once the rhythm is established…... It will not be like v-ball, with all the yelling and encouragement of the teammates and fans.

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People I know that have done crew are among the most fit. Rowing in and of itself works the whole body-legs, arms, core, complete cardio.

And the cross training that most crew coaches put their teams through is excellent.

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If you can, go and try it out. Ask to do a ride-along at a team’s practice.
Also some sporting stores have an idea of where you might go, just to test out the waters…so to speak. I loved it. Enjoy!

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