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Who do you hope to see as the Republican and Democratic candidates for the U.S. presidency?

Asked by Morocco (189points) October 28th, 2015

Who do you hope wins?

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Sanders vs Trump. You can’t be ideologically separated further than that

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O the humanity!

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Sanders for the win and Trump for comic relief.

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Given that Sanders and Hillary voted in agreement over 90% of the time, implying close similarities, I’d take the more genuine and authentic of the two; Sanders.

On the Republican side, the only one running that seems remotely sane is John Kasich. I may disagree with him on a lot of things, but the other GOP hopefuls run the range between “train wreck” and “self-satire”. Watch this and you can see why he has my respect. Of course, that speech also effectively ended his campaign as it alienates the base of the party who think Ted Cruz is too liberal.

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I as a Republican hope to see Senator Marco Rubio as the GOP nominee.

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