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Is there anything wrong with ignoring all the debates and such?

Asked by poofandmook (17277points) October 3rd, 2008

See, I’ve known for months who I was voting for. At some point or another, I’d heard enough to make up my mind. So I don’t really see the point in watching all this stuff. It’s a moot point. I’m not changing my mind. And really, the only thing it does is get me irritated at the Republican agenda.

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In this day and age if anything dramatic happens that you might need to know about….you will. And then you can watch the bit in question over and over again on any one of several internet sites to your heart’s content.

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In this day & age, not really. There are so many ways to get your news and info to make an educated or irrational decision.

If you already know how your voting, why stress yourself out with extraneous info?

I like the drama of it all…& I made my decision a bit ago, too.

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@ snoopy…hey we think alike.

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@spatzie :)

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I think there is something wrong with not watching the primary debates. At this point, it really doesnt matter. Just look what we are left with.

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The debates make for good comedy.

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@poof For myself, I usually watch….for these types of moments

For example, I remember thinking Gore looked like a jerk w/ all of that sighing….

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It’s a free country – you can watch or not watch, and you can even vote or not vote. It is your choice.

In particular, if you are already certain which way you are going to vote, then, no, you don’t need to watch the debates. Anything interesting that happens will be thoroughly dissected everywhere, even by your email provider.

Now if you lived in certain countries and chose not to vote you could be in big trouble. Ditto if you voted the wrong way.

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Nope, I don’t watch them.

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Why would you want to listen to a few hours of b.s.? Might as well watch something entertaining rather than listen to two people explain how they are going to “change the world” only to realize later on it’s the same recycled junk with different labeling!

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I would have to have been knocked off my seat to change my vote, but watching the debates allows you to be in the conversation of what is happening in this country. Even if it turns your stomach. If you watch with friends, it can be fun.

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@loser; glad to see you haven’t lost your sense of humor. The only time I feel that the avatar and username match.

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@gail: True, but it was a bit of a shock until fully absorbed.

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Nothing wrong at all but you may want to read as much as you can before you vote.

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As long as you’re making an informed decision, it doesn’t matter whether you watch the debates and posturing. My opinions about the relative merit of the candidates, for instance, have not changed a bit as a result of the events of the past several weeks; the news and analysis I have paid attention to have only reinforced my views.

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I think cwilbur’s got it. As long as you are informed (and correctly so) it doesn’t really matter how you came to be that way. You might have better things to do than watch the debates.

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If you educate yourself on both sides of the race, you don’t have to watch. But you want to make sure you know the issues of each candidate thoroughly so that you aren’t being closed-minded about who you’re voting for.

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Well, my only caution to you is this. You might not fully appreciate comedy that follows (SNL skits, for example) if you don’t watch them, but other than that, I agree with what others have said. As long as you educate yourself and vote, that to me is what is important :0)

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In a country where so many people make up their minds based on which person they’d rather have a beer with, I’m gonna say it’s pretty hard to make a case that the debates should be required viewing. I personally wouldn’t have missed it for anything, even though I knew it wouldn’t change my mind…I found it entertaining. If I thought it wouldn’t do anything for me, why would I bother watching it? You gotta get SOMETHING out of it to do it, and if you don’t get information out of it and you don’t get entertainment (not even infotainment), it’s just a waste of your time.

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Well dale, at least you and I have been involved in enough political discussions that you know my vote is more than who I’d like to have a beer with :)

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Obviously. You can become an informed voter in a number of ways. I learned enough about Obama before he even began to run to know I was going to vote for him if he ever ran for President. I didn’t of course tune out after that, I in fact went the opposite direction, but even if I hadn’t watched, listend to or read the transcripts of every single Democrat AND Republican debate in the primaries, spent hours a day following political news, etc., I would have voted the same way last year as I would today, as I will in a little over 4 weeks!

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I also knew I was going to vote for Obama, however only because of the alternative. In the course of following this election, I have learned much more about him and have grown to respect and appreciate him. Consequently, I feel much better about my chosen candidate.
@ Loser That is hilarious!

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I’m w/ you.
I too have my mind made.
Hwvr, I still watch & read up.
I guess for knowledge.
Whose to say Obama’s gonna win?
Maybe I should prepare myself for what’s to come & brace myself.
Versus being unaware and in shock.
Kind of like that old saying…‘What are we in for?’

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Check out this site maybe KB, THEY say Obama’s gonna win…they give him almost an 85% chance…based on all available polling data and statistical analysis on a state by state basis:

I’ve been reading it for months, and I get more confident with each passing day.

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Can’t wait to say; ”You were right

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Can’t wait to hear it!

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I stopped watching awhile ago as well. I know I’m voting for Obama. My
decision was comfirmed after seeing/hearing Pallin.

I’m sick of it all now and want it to be over.

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If you are already committed to a specific candidate and aren’t open to information that might cuse you to change your mind, then no.
Others have said you can hear about it on the news. While this is true, you are also getting the reporters filter on the debate (intentional or not).
If information is what you want, first hand is best.

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