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How should I sell our greasecar?

Asked by susanc (16134points) July 23rd, 2008

My husband converted an old Mercedes diesel to run on recycled vegetable oil. It has to be filtered. Too complex for me.
What’s a good venue for selling it? I really approve of it and want it to be used.

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If your community has a liberal/alternative lifestyle/non-traditional periodical (we have a weekly, The Independent), that would be a great place to advertise.

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why must it be liberal? Why can’t it be conservative??

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It could. But I don’t tend to see much focus on alternative energy in conservative venues.

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Hmm, words… I think that
a greasecar is a “conservative” item in the sense that it’s
designed to conserve energy, resources, sanity.

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Ah. I was speaking politically.

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I know, but.
It bothers me that the word “conservative”, the concept of
conservatism, of exercising good judgment, of thinking things over carefully, of not getting hysterical, of wisdom -
and the principle of conserving, which i deeply respect -
has been hijacked by… Karl Rove and his precedents.
…just saying.

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Craig’s List. E-Bay Motors.

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sell it to me!

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susanc: Put some notices up on the Evergreen bulletin boards and perhaps in the school paper if it takes ads. That community would be filled with folks who want to drive a car that smells like McDonald’s fries (isn’t that what you once told us?).

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Purely out of curiosity, what are you asking?

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Since you’re asking purely out of curiosity, I guess I can say without fear of
using fluther as a sales venue that I’m asking $3500.

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Does the car come with or without fries?

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Car comes with the illusion of fries – and that’s better than eating them horrible things.
Which I love, of course, especially if made by McDonalds using beef tallow.

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Put that in your ad: “free sniffs.”

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