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How do I print the right hand side of a 11x17 pdf?

Asked by weeveeship (4632points) November 22nd, 2015

I have a document that is in the following format:
11×17 pdf native-size, consisting of two 11×8.5 pages side by side—one on the left and one on the right.

I can get the left hand side page printed easily. I just set the pdf at actual size and then print it in portrait.

I can’t however seem to get the 8.5×11 page on the right hand side printed. Any advice/tips?

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From the Acrobate Reader online help:

“You can print a large format document, such as a poster or banner, by splitting the page across multiple sheets of paper (called ‘tiling’). The tiling option calculates how many sheets of paper are needed.” Link

If you are using a different program, not Reader, there may be a similar feature.

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PDF X-Change Viewer also has tiling listed as an option under “Page scaling”, though it’s not exactly intuitive.

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If your PDF reader recognizes this as two pages side by side (shows a page count of 2), you should be able to print them one at a time. Can you change the view to one-up and see them separately?

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PDF X-Change Viewer is the best!

I delete Adobe Reader from all the Windows machines I manage and set PDF X-Change Viewer as the default PDF viewer.

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