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Which company made the better robots? RobCo Industries or General Atomics?

Asked by ragingloli (47295points) December 11th, 2015

RobCo’s deadly ‘Assaultron’, or General Atomic’s ‘Mr Handy’?

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Well the Assaultron seemed to be actually suited for the purpose it was built for (whereas the “Mr. Handy” line seemed to me to be dangerously ill-equipped for a domestic aid), so I’m going with RobCo.

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I have not played the new fallout yet, worth it?

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Wait for a massive discount on steam, and/or the next DLC (but only if that one fixes the ending)

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Apart from all the bugs, underdeveloped and convoluted settlement construction and management system, lack of interesting locations and world building, and retarded AI, the biggest thing wrong with the game is the ending.
The game literally forces you to murder everyone of the opposing factions.
No matter how high your Charisma stat is, the game refuses you to give you a diplomatic option, which is especially infuriating between 2 of the factions, where all you would need to do is to slap some sense into them.

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