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How do I get from Seattle to Tacoma using public transportation?

Asked by amwelles (26points) July 24th, 2008

My car recently broke down and I need to be in Tacoma tomorrow. However, I know next to nothing about the area, and I lived in a small town before this and never got to use public transit. Which buses/trains/whatever should I take to get to there from here?

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There’s probably a regional transit route that may even be express. Call King County Metro Transit 206–553-3000 or 800–542-7876.

Looks like Route 594 goes between Seattle & Tacoma.

Amtrak also goes between Seattle and Tacoma ($13—$19), but I would guess the bus is cheaper.

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The Sounder commuter rail also runs between Seattle and Tacoma Monday through Friday. The link gives you the schedule.

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@amwelles: off-topic, but do you by any chance have a famous tumblr ?

finkelitis's avatar is a really useful website for figuring out your trip on public transit.

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