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Do you know any good Vegan recipes?

Asked by LazyMe10 (508points) December 23rd, 2015 from iPhone

Hello. Just curious, do you all know any good tasty vegan/vegetarian recipes that can be made quick and easy? Like for lunch or maybe dinner. I read a vegan magazine recently (which is rare to see at the train station with the other newspaper) & it was quiet interesting read. I didn’t know a lot of non-meat meals could look so tasty. Any links, books, or articles will be helpful :)

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Vegan is not interchangeable with vegetarian. It can be quite hard to stick to. Are you open to good vegetarian dishes, too?

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Oops, I thought I could edit my answer after I hunted this down…
I was asking about vegetarian recipes because there is a website called Thug Kitchen. They are vegetarians… But they aren’t for the easily offended. The language is pretty raw.

Here is a recipe for Vegan meatballs they collaborated with the Meatball Guys on. Not necessarily quick to make a batch, but the balls freeze and store well for a quick prep later… Enjoy!

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To start making vegan meals, be mindful of plant based ingredients that would go into various methods of cooking: oils (made from vegetables and nuts, such as olive oil or walnut oil, or even canola oil), and flours, and vegetable broth, and sides with rice or potatoes.

Pasta is vegan, so a pasta meal made with a vegetable sauce of some sort is definitely vegan. Also, there are lots of vegan Chinese food recipes.

As you get into vegan cooking, you can explore things like cashew cheeses in different recipes.

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I’ve only made something vegan on purpose once. It was a five bean chili that used hot peppers to make up for the fact that it had no flavor.

It was better if you added cheese and sour cream.

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”... to make up for the fact that it had no flavor..LOL!

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@AdventureElephants yes I’m open to recipes, don’t mind trying new things :)
An thanks for the recipe link

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@zenvelo thanks for the heads up~
I’ve never had a broth before are they good?
An cashew cheeses sound tasty

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@Seek I like chili, but if I do use beans ill have to go easy on them. Me and beans aren’t the best of friends >_<

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101Cookbooks is a fantastic web site for vegetarian and vegan recipes.

The vegan section alone is 19 pages with many recipes per page.

Just picking out a couple at random (these look fancy but the preparation is very simple):

Carrot, Dill & White Bean Salad Recipe

Ten Minute Couscous Soup

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@LazyMe10 You can buy vegetable broth in stores, or make it your self from leftover vegetable scraps. Use it in recipes that would otherwise use chicken or beef broth, or the basis of a vegetable soup.

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