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Netflix, or Shomi which is better in your opinion?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20197points) December 31st, 2015

Which one is more worth the money?

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I’ve never heard of shomi. Is it a Canadian thing?

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I have no idea it looks sorta
Like netflix, just wondering if anyone has had it?

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Never heard of Shomi. Can’t compare it as I have nothing to compare Netflix to. I have Amazon Prime but have never – not yet – used their streaming.

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I was a Netflix early adopter (March 2002) and continue to use their DVDs on an ongoing basis. I’d rather do that than streaming. I loved Netflix from day 1 because they were a company that really and truly delivered what they promised. For that reason I’m still a loyal customer. (But they almost killed it with their KwikCrap or whatever it was. I don’t want something spelled like that to occupy any part of my life.)

My son likes Amazon Prime for the perks and the streaming. I generally find that the free two-day shipping pays for membership by midyear at the latest.

I don’t know Shomi at all. Never heard of it.

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