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Book Suggesions anyone?

Asked by LazyMe10 (508points) January 3rd, 2016 from iPhone

Hello, its 2016! An this year I’m making a list of books to read this whole year. For I really want to make time this year an so fourth for more reading time. Plus I do buy books online at a good price as well, I having a buying problem when books are under $15. But anywho, I still have books I need to finish that I bought and that are on my shelf.

But so far on my list I do have series I need to read, a ton of classics, and other books. But I was wondering if you all have any interesting books or series that you know that I should get into?

All genres are welcome, I’m open to reading new things.

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I love the Patricia Cornwell books. The books all center around the cases of Kay Scarpetta, a chief medical examiner.
Also, have you considered going to a library so you don’t have to buy the books?

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The Brief History of the Dead by Kevin Brockmeier. It’s one of my favorite books to recommend. I literally tripped over it at the library and did not sleep until I had hit the back cover.

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I hope that the unabridged Count of Monet Cristo is on your list. I would also recommend the unabridged Les Miserables.

You also need to go for some science fiction:

- Stephen King’s The Stand
– Orwell’s 1984
– When Worlds Collide and After Worlds Collide (Wylie and Balmer)
– Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land

And the Gabriel Allon series by Daniel Silva.

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Neil Gaimen’s adult books are great. American Gods is amazing

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@chyna I’m thinking about it, but I might just download the audiobook since I’m always on the move. I would love to sit an read but once I start back work and college classes I won’t have time

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@Seek cool, ill have to check it out :)

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@elbanditoroso it is! An so is Les Miserables! Thanks for the other recommendations as well~

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@Stinley I haven’t read a Neil Gaimen book yet. I should find a good one and pick :D
Hmmm American Gods, sounds tempting…ill go check it out~

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I read the Brief History of the Dead when @Seek recommended it before and loved it. An entirely satisfactory story. American Gods has some similarities (sort of) and it’s a big old story.

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yay! I’m glad you liked it!

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