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Is there an affordable way to fix a scratched LCD TV?

Asked by LeavesNoTrace (5674points) January 7th, 2016

Oh jeeze… I was moving my laundry drying rack when it lightly brushed against my LCD screen and left a hairline scratch.

It’s not very noticeable when the TV is on but if you’re OCD or just detail-oriented like my boyfriend is you’ll notice it for sure.

I’m super bummed and think he’ll be upset when he sees. I tried googling some methods to fix it and someone recommended lip balm. Tried it and just made the screen greasy. D’oh.

Someone else also said a pencil eraser but I don’t have one at my disposal right now.

Has anyone else ever done this? Is it fixable?

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There are specially formulated scratch repair products you can buy.

3 Do-It-Yourself methods seem to appear and reappear.
I would probably try the repair kit, knowing they have more at stake having it work than your pencil eraser does.

How big is the TV, how long is the scratch, and do you have a cat you can blame?

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