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Tips & Advice: TFT-LCD vs. LED pc monitors?

Asked by martijn86 (401points) August 6th, 2010

This is the case. I am working as a photo and video editor, currently on the Samsung Syncmaster 205BW tft-lcd monitor. I notice it looses brightness and colours start to fade a little and while 20.1” was a big step up from when I first got it, I could really use some extra space for Full HD editing and higher resolution pictures.

When searching for 24”, Full HD monitors with the same VESA mount as my current monitor (75×75). I came up with, yet again, a few Samsung monitors. Best ones? The Samsung Syncmaster B2440M and the Samsung Syncmaster BX2440. The main differences? The first is an LCD screen with 300cd/m² and the second an LED screen with 250cd/m².

My question for you. Is the decrease in brightness noticeable or even possible problematic. Would it be worth to have an LED monitor, I only know the LED MacBook screens which I love. I’m in a real dilemma. Is LED going to make a big difference? Is the LCD’s brightness going to make a big difference? Tips and advice please.

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I can only offer a few tips, one being that LED screens shine with full brightness the second you turn the monitor on. LCD screens have to ‘warm’ up & gradually reach their full brightness. Second, LED is incredibly energy efficient. So you save money. :) LED also doesn’t get as hot as an LCD screen. LED stays cool in temperature which adds to its lifetime.

From my experience, LED screens just seem to ‘pop’ with color & vibrance. I helped my brother with setting up his TV recently, which was an LED screen & (only having owned LCD TV’s before) the second we turned it on, it was very noticeable, the differences in color & sharpness when compared to LCD. I would go with LED, which is usually a little more expensive, but the moment you turn it on, you realize you made the right choice. I hope this was helpful & best of luck.

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Thanks @rpmpseudonym the difference in cost is just €30,-. I’m leaning towards LED now, it has a longer lifetime too. The only LED screen i’ve seen was full led and this is edgelit but I’m not to worried, I’ll go for it I think!

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they are awesome! I love how they glow!

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@saraSKELLINGTON But I’m worried 250cd/m² won’t glow that much. It’s a 50cd/m² drop from regular LCD’s.

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And how much of that is backlight? A brightly lit image with “off” colors is still crap

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