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Have you ever tried to Add yourself to your Fluther or Thank yourself?

Asked by nina (895points) July 24th, 2008

Those are true jems of features. The add yourself to your own Fluther was shown to me by drHat77 – you have to try it.
And now I have tried to thank myself and am very happy with results below.
Self, you’re the best.
You’ve gotten me through some hard times.
I wouldn’t be where I am today without you, self.
Thank you.
FlutherFathers, you are the best

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I did yesterday just for the hell of it, and it made me laugh!!

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I tried it even after JohnPowell told me what happens. It still made me smile. I <3 Fluther.

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Haha, I did that yesterday… don’t you just love Wikipedia?
I thought it was hilarious…

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That made me laugh out loud!

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i tried it right after i read this question.

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i frequently fluther myself…..FYI

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Yes- it is funny as hell!

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Yup – literally thought I was going to LMAO (but it’s still there).

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I just clicked on “Thank yourself” on one of my question threads to see what that did and it amused me. I like the little cute message that shows up. It made me smile and laugh a little. I don’t remember trying to add myself to my Fluther, though. How can I do that?

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