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Question about some parts of this YouTube video (Adele)

Asked by cofeka (154points) January 16th, 2016

I need to translate this video, but there are some parts I don’t understand.

What does it mean “This isn’t a piss-take” at 5:36 in this video?

Does it mean she is genuine when she says she was a fan of the Spice Girls?

(Sorry for the strong language)

Also, what did Adele say at 3:03?
It sounds like: “someone I haven’t met before Christmas, so I met out with him _ _ Christmas present.”

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She means that she was a genuine fan yes, not a piss take…not joking.
The other bit is her saying she won’t be seeing her friend again before xmas & so “met up” with him for dinner to give him his present.

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