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Who started the saying "fake and gay" ?

Asked by ShipwrecksInSand (173points) February 14th, 2010

ive heard it on RWJ..but i dont know the source of it.

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I think you just did. Never heard of it.

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Doesn’t sound like a “saying”; more like a lame comment.

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And what’s RWJ?

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mm, okay Ray william Johnson is this guy on youtube…
he makes videos about viral videos..
he does an impression of a “troll” by saying “fake and gay”

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It’s a commom youtube comment.I usually see those comments to youtube videos related to WWE.IMO wrestling might be fake,but the hazards are real so,it’s nothing close to gay.

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Trollz on teh internetz.

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I heard Lucille and Rufus discussing it earlier…I swear!!! ;)

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It started on YouTube. You’ll see those comments everywhere. I blame YouTube for half the worlds problems.

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@Cruiser-You have lost your mind.

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@lucillelucillelucille Busted!!!…Take it like a man Lucy!!! You too Rufus!!

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If it spawned from Youtube, it’s not worth paying much heed to.

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I have never even heard that expression, – was it actually started, or is it a one-off?

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never heard this
not even sure what it would mean

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Why on earth would you use the comment section on YouTube as a resource for anything at all ?

That comments section is totally populated by the worst kind of ignoramus trolls. Not worth the time of day.

BTW. I have never heard that expression at all. Ever.

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