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India, China, Dubai? Where is the next "happening" place?

Asked by anonyjelly16 (747points) July 25th, 2008

We hear about incredible economic growth in many places and how some economies might “overtake” the US.

I usually wrote it off as: Okay, so even if I could make 3x in another country, would I want to live there? Would my life overall be as good as it is in the United States? Would it be worth the upheaval? Would I really be that much better off and happier?

And, then I also think of things like: Would the air be as clean? Would I be able to drive on roads like these? Would basic services (e.g. power, water, gas) be as reliable? Isn’t that why I came to the US and love it here? Would the society generally be law-abiding? Would I feel scared or reassured when I see a police officer? Would I worry about the police (and the gov’t in general) harass me and ask for bribes? (btw, I stated those hypothetical questions just to make a point—I don’t mean any disrespect to any particular place. Just trying to capture all the thoughts that run through my mind.)

Recently, a Korean friend of mine told me he started taking Arabic classes. He was born and raised in California and wants to work in Dubai for a few years and plans to return to California when he has set some money aside. This would be a completely unsurprising thing to do if he were from India, Pakistan, or any other country in the area—in fact its a very common thing for people to do that in the region. But, it shocked me to hear it coming from someone who has lived their entire life in the US.

So, I thought I would pose the question to you: If you could go anywhere in the world and do anything, where would you go and what would you do? How long would stay there? Would you live there forever? Would you come back to the US (or wherever you live right now?).

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I’m reading The Geography of Bliss and Bhutan sounds like a good place to unplug. I’d also like to “live” on the Pacific Crest Trail.

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@Kevbo: You know… it’s funny you say Bhutan because just yesterday I was reading about Bhutan and how they make decisions based on Gross Domestic Happiness as opposed to Gross Domestic Product.

@BronxLens: I had heard about Portland and someone I know recently moved to Bend, OR and they love it there. I will have to check into Portland and read up on it.

Thanks for your answers…. please keep them coming.

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Brazil is booming now since they don’t use foriegn oil, and I think some other S. American countries will follow as they become more stable politically.

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I don’t foresee people moving to India or China just because the two countries are already overpopulated. They can never have “too many” job openings if you know what I mean. Though I do think the countries will continue to prosper and one day be “superpowers.”

I agree with allengreen about the South American countries, the lack of dependence for oil is a big deal and should definitely help their economy.

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@PnL: I agree—I wouldn’t really want to go to India or China. I had never thought about South American countries so I definitely learned about something new. What’s your take on Dubai? I keep hearing about mindboggling skyscrapers but I am not sure how that translates to quality of life.

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I think of Dubai as a “happening” place. It has the jobs, the quality of life, economy and better work hours than America (probably…). I have been to Dubai (it was only a day though) and the people there are very nice and friendly and the food is amazing it’s always about the food ;) I don’t think there will be a big historic migration to the city, but more people will definitely look at it as an option now than people did before. I am not sure I personally would make the move to Dubai, but like I mentioned above, I was only there for a day so I don’t feel qualified to make that decision yet. PS- I would like to think I could be happy in any major city though.

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I love Dubai. There is always something to do, people who need jobs can get one, the city is clean and friendly, and for the most part very safe. People from all over the world reside in Dubai. I was there for a month on vacation and it was amazing. If I could, I would have a winter home in Dubai. Anyways.. my vote goes to that emirate. <3

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I want to live in the big country because i need alot of money. my parent never have money for me to study or buys something so now i need a good job for me. now i gratuated in high school but no job. thank you

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