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Why has "safe travels" become ubiquitous now?

Asked by janbb (63038points) February 11th, 2016

At least in my experience it is what all my friends say – instead of something like “have a great trip.” Is it part of the anxiety of the age – or just the phrase du jour?

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I’ve never heard anyone say this.

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It may be just an American thing but I get it all the time.

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I haven’t heard it either. But I do hope you have safe travels.

(I think I’d also rather hear that that anything that begins with “have a”—or, more emphatically, ”you have a”—or any other imperative verb.)

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In our business, we often travel a lot, and far, so it’s not uncommon to hear. Personally, considering the quality of the systems we have to travel through – especially at border crossings – I prefer Illegitimi non carborundum.

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Safe travels, safe trip, have a safe trip, have a great trip, I hear all of those quite often. None of them are new to me or used more than the other I don’t think.

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“Be safe” is my own personal farewell blessing. I say it every morning to my husband as he leaves the house for work, often right before “Have fun storming the castle!”

It’s more a wish, less an order, than “Have a good day!” which no one can reasonably promise anyone else, due to Murphy’s Law being a thing.

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We sometimes say “safe journey” but I don’t think it’s any more common now than before. Travel is very safe but I still say “safe journey”.

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Do you think it’s a bad thing to say for superstitious reasons?

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I hear and say “have a safe trip.” Not “safe travels” but maybe it’s popular in some areas, I don’t know.

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I hear it (or its several variations) a lot and I think it does indeed reflect the angst many people have nowadays about traveling, especially flying, in light of ubiquitous media stories about terrorist threats, degrading infrastructure, and malfunctioning transportation equipment.

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@JLeslie I don’t think it’s a good or bad thing, just seems funny to me when most of my friends have picked up the same phrase at the same time. I was just curious about it.

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@janbb I get it. I find it interesting when a phrase catches on. Usually, it’s something I’m not fond of. The worst is when I catch myself saying something I didn’t really like when I first heard it. Lol. I won’t mention them here for fear of taking the thread off track.

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@JLeslie yeah, that happens to me too.

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