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Is fluther privately owned?

Asked by leb0wski (20points) July 25th, 2008

Is fluther a private company, or is it owned by a larger company? If privately held, has anyone heard any talk of someone buying it up?

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Here’s the story on that. Second quip has the details.

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I believe so, you can start by researching the owners of Fluther, Inc. from the site footer. I will bet that they have a simple LLC or something like that for now.

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Fluther is actually a C corp, not an LLC. And, yes, it’s privately owned.

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Well that’s cool. If it does get picked up by someone bigger, hopefully it won’t be Yahoo.

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@sferik: technically, it’s an S Corp.

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Hmm, how much do you think Fluther could sell for?

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