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What do you usually wear on a first date?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5464points) March 19th, 2016 from iPhone

I suppose it depends on where the date is. So if you could please give examples based on either going for drinks at a bar, meeting up for coffee etc.

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Something like this, my usual style, Shorter or longer dress or gypsy skirt with cowboy boots. My signature style. Dress up or down easily.

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one of bill cosby’s sweaters.

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Pants. And my good flip flops. They told me to wear pants. It would be better, they said, if I wore pants.

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A rather gormless grin that says “i’m all yours baby”

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@Espiritus_Corvus Blown out your flip flop and stepped on a pop top lately in Margaritaville? lol

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I don;t wear shoes, I only wear boots or sandals.

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@Coloma Your outfits look absolutely gorgeous, Laurie. Very, very nice. I really like that look.

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Don’t forget that it also depends on your partner (i.e. If you go out with a muslim man it’s best to wear jilbab with dull color so you’ll appear appropriate, even though he’ll like to see you uncover).

I personally like to wear to long sleeves clothes (whatever the types are) without any pattern, any jeans (which will be partially covered by my cloth), and a pair of pump-like shoes to appear taller. I like to be seen as simple and modest by my partner.

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My heart on my sleeve.

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and just for laughs…this would be a first date epic embarrassment. :-)

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@Coloma Haha thats too funny

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I never understood the point of “fashion”.

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I just wear what I normally do on an every day basis.. because if it goes past a first date they’re gonna see my in my normals anyhow.

Some crazy patterned leggings, my lace up boots, chucks, or weird printed Keds. Some solid tank or tee, with a shawl or some other opened cover with sleeves. (to cover my butt because leggings). That or some skinny jeans, same shoes listed before, and some weird patterned shirt with all my different length necklaces. I’m the queen of matching mismatched stuff together haha.

And nothing that shows off cleavage or short shorts. I like leaving plenty to the imagination. Also maybe a bit of powder and my signature winged eyeliner. I never wore much makeup beyond that.

Edited to add that if they specifically want to go to some super nice uppity restaurant, I’ll step up my game to a dress/skirt and shawl. I don’t own heels or flats so they’ll still get my keds or chucks, haha.

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My combat boots. Every. Time.

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Well, I’ve only been on one first date. It was to the Renaissance Festival.

I wore a fitted ¾ length sleeve shirt, black; a mid-calf length circle skirt in a faux suede, wine-colored; and knee-high faux suede boots with a 1” wedge (God I miss those boots).

Casual but put together.

I support casual first dates in well-lit public places that provide plenty of external stimuli. It prevents running out of things to talk about.

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When I was single: Nice jeans, nice shirt (usually a button-front shirt) with a cami underneath, comfortable-but-cute shoes, paying a little extra attention to my hair and make-up. I’m not much of a girly-girl. I rarely wear make-up and the last time I wore a dress was on my wedding day, over 10 years ago!

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A white tennis shirt with light blue sweater vest and assless chaps w/ tiger-stripe patterned speedos underneath.

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