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Where is Adirondackwannabe? I am sorry, I didn't know how else to go about it.

Asked by Ayesha (6213points) March 27th, 2016

I’m very concerned, no one is telling me.

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There was a post a little while ago that I am sad to say Adirondackwannabe is no longer with us ,I do not know the exact details , but he will be missed.

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Another great loss for this community.

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“No longer with us”, in case the euphemism is missed, means that “he died”. We all miss him.

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Can you shed any light on what was wrong @Ayesha? He dropped some hints to me a while back, but it was so low, low key I never suspected. And he never specified anything. I miss him so much.

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A big loss for Fluther. A friend to everyone.

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Soooooo, where is @Ayesha ?

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@Here2_4 She logged on today.

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Everyone, thank you so much for your answers and help. I needed some time to digest this. I was very close to him.
@Dutchess_III He told me that he was diagnosed with hemochromatosis. But some doctors said he was having internal bleeding and organ failure.
They somehow couldn’t figure out where or why the internal bleeding was taking place.
In his last message to me, he told me that he was itching horribly and the next day it got worse. His leg was injured and got infected.
His end note was that he’s a fighter and that he’ll be okay.
I called his home and spoke to his s/o. She told me he just got sicker and there was nothing we could do about it.
I hope he’s happy wherever he is. I know that he deserves it. He was so so good to me. I’ve known him for over 4 years now. It’s just so sad. I wake up every morning thinking it’s just not real.
Thank you everyone, Fluther is my second home. I know I don’t post much but I’ve met some really amazing intelligent people on here, so thank you.

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Thank you @ayesha for coming back and telling us what you know. Knowing now what he was going through makes me sad that I didn’t get a chance to talk to him before he died.

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….. crying….........

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So now I know what happened. He was such a good friend. I too, had a lovely conversation with him around Thanksgiving about dishes we were going to eat. This is so upsetting.

@Ayesha If you are in touch with Addy’s S/O, would you please relay all of our deepest sympathies to her and please let her know how many lives he touched, in such positive ways.

I never had the pleasure of meeting him in real life, but he was definitely a dear friend, so helpful and so nice to so many of us.

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@Ayesha Please do not do as @Kardamom asked. We have taken many steps to keep Adi’s Fluther life anonymous as he intended.

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Thank you so much, everyone. Lots of love.
Yes I’ll be keeping his Fluther life anonymous. He asked me to do so.

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@Ayesha That’s OK. I just hope he knew how much he meant to all of us.

I still have yet to bring myself to read the threads regarding his departure from this life. It’s too painful.

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I was just thinking the same, @Kardamom. Every time I see this it stabs my heart. But I’ll never stop following.

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I was gutted when I found out. He was one of the sweet people who I was privileged to have a private dialogue with. I live such an isolated existence, my friends online really are my friends. He seemed to understand that and always wrote me such helpful and support-filled messages. There is a hole there now.

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Now I feel bad for dissing him for sharing his syrup with ALL the girls, and not just me. I really miss you, Addy.

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