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Do you think the Ghost hunter show is credible ?

Asked by jlacombe (169points) July 28th, 2008
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Nope, but there are ghosts among us, its a fact!

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it’s hard to say. you can do anything with recorded footage and it’s relatively easy to make electronic devices perform the way you want them to. even when they do the live episodes, you just don’t know if the audio and video have been tainted. without being there in person and seeing it for myself, I have a difficult time believing the stuff that happens. nonetheless, i still enjoy watching it.

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I believe it, mainly because I’m sort of obsessed with ghost stories… and besides, Jason and Grant supposedly try to disprove anything. If they were trying to prove it was, I’d be more wary. Like Paranormal State. that show is completely without merit.

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I ask that because i want to start my own group of researchers, because i am so skeptical myself, i want to see them, if they exist, with my own eyes,

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um, no. I dont think its credible. Their acting seems fairly apparent to me.

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I think it is as credible as any reality show. I’ve watched a few episodes and they don’t seem to ever prove or disprove anything. They just raise more questions.

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Uh, no.

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My husband and daughter and mother all love the show. I think it is boring and stupid. I do think there could be spirits or ghosts. I just can’t get into that show.

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I think Grant is cute. LOL big bonus reason why I watch

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I’m not going to say that it is or is not credible because I don’t know for certain. It could be all real and it could not. With ghost hunting shows its hard to tell because they are prerecorded. Skeptics would say its not credible on the other hand believers are more likely to say it is.

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they did a live show last Halloween… 6 hours I think… and you could text to them while they were investigating.

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