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Is anyone familiar with the Slingbox?

Asked by LKidKyle1985 (6589points) July 28th, 2008

So I know what it does, but my question is, how does it hook up exactly, what I would like to do is, hook it up to my parents cable back home, and watch tv on my computer down here at college. Then I don’t have to pay for a cable bill. But I heard it changes the channel of the tv its hooked up too? anyone know more about this?

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I don’t personally own one, but it’s my understanding that it catches whatever’s being displayed on your TV and placeshifts it to it’s companion software client, Slingplayer, which is accessible via any internet connected computer and some cell phones.

I don’t think it would be a good replacement for cable, because it only shows what’s currently being displayed. If you change the channel, and your parents are watching TV back home, it will change the channel on them as well. Or you want to watch a TiVo recording (which I believe it’s capable of) your parents would have to watch the same thing.

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I’m not totally familiar with it, but I would assume it has to change the channel on the local tv or cable and sat companies would raise a stink.

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Thanks guys, Thats what I was thinking too, maybe I could convince my parents to split the cable or something, or get a second cable box lol

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I have a Slingbox SOLO and, yes, whatever you watch via Slingbox, the host television must also watch. A Slingbox basically forwards the picture to your computer. This isn’t a problem for people with their own television but it could be a problem for you.

As for the way a Slingbox is set up, you have to connect it to your router (via ethernet,) connect the device you’re controlling, and plug in the infrared sensor (which you then place in front of the remote sensor of the device you’re controlling.)

Hope this helped.

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if you have the slingbox set up to the TV in your old room, that might work. that is, it will only change the channel of the TV in your room.

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