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Is there an add-on for Firefox that works exactly like IE tab but with Safari?

Asked by dingus108 (228points) July 28th, 2008

I tried searching Mozilla’s add-ons page for anything like “safari tab” and cannot seem to find one. I’ve also tried changing the exe shortcut in the IE tab options to where the Safari exe is located and that didn’t work either.

A Safari tab add-on would be quite nice if there isn’t one, eh?

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Tabbed browsing? Control T… On a PC anyway. There’s a MAC version of Firefox 3. Looking for a mini preview window? Try cooliris.

Unless you could describe what safari tabs do differently?

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no no no… there is an add-on known as “IE tab” that opens a tab in firefox and renders that page with the IE browser…

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Aha! Must have overlooked that one… handy tool. IE’s a pretty weak browser and it sometimes doesn’t do what it should do when it comes to web development: But, it is good as a reference point :)

Thanks for sharing that one though.

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safari view for Mac
safari view for PC

I don’t think it does exactly what IE Tab does, but you can at least view the page as if you were using Safari

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