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Who are your favorite political cartoonists?

Asked by Espiritus_Corvus (17232points) May 16th, 2016

Mine is Dwayne Booth, aka Mr. Fish of Harper’s, the New Yorker and now

Feel free to link to one or more of your favorite examples of their work.

Mr. Fish on Hillary.

Mr. Fish on Trump and Trump again

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I like Bill Day. I also really like Toles. And I like Matt Wuerker.

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I like First Dog on the Moon. His cartoons can be very long, but I like his approach and messages.

This is a great site about Australian political cartooning. There is a exhibition space in Canberra in Old Parliament House for political cartoons.

I like others too. This is a link to the Sydney Morning Herald’s cartoonists. There are some great ones here. I can’t say which is my favourite. I tend to just like particular cartoons.

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Thak you all for answering. I followed all your links and I must say, your tastes in political cartoons are a lot similar to mine. Ha. Good stuff. I especially like the stuff from Australia, it required some research on my part, but satire seems to be alive and well in the Antipodes. Also, I have always loved Thomas Nast’s depictions of the social problems of 19th century England. I wonder if he and Dickens ever got together.

One of my favorites is Tom Tomorrow. Anybody here like Tom Tomorrow?

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Any cartoonist who makes Trump look like the cartoon character he is.

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