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Do these symptoms sound like gastritis?

Asked by tan253 (2820points) May 15th, 2016

Firstly, I’ve been to a DR and he says Gastritis but I’m not sure.
I have cramping really bad after food, and even after water. My upper abdomen is really sore, but when the Dr poked and prodded me it didn’t hurt so bad. I just feel like I’m cramping all the time and I’m in so much pain.
I’m worried I’m bleeding that I have an ulcer or something, yet he said that if he felt my stomach and I had an ulcer it would be unbearable. He also said he can feel my heart beating in my abdomen but I’m petite so apparently that’s normal. I suffer from IBS but could this be IBS related, I’m in so much pain after drinking or eating, not sure if I should admit myself or not. I am cramping like I have my period. It’s awful. Any help? I’m not asking for a diagnosis, but maybe someone whose had this and can tell me what to do?

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Nope… all fine down there, actually ironically it feels like I want to just explode – but it’s all pretty tidy and probably some of the best stools I’ve done in a while!

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Yep, feeling your heartbeat in your stomach is fine. Mine used to do it so strongly that my stomach would move because of it. A tattoo artist asked me if it was my heartbeat once, and it didn’t make getting a tattoo on my abdomen very easy for him. lol

Anyway, the best advice that I can give you is, if you have insurance, go to the ER if the pain gets unbearable.

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I had the exact same feeling the other night and I felt like I was going to explode from the pressure in my abdomen. It took two days to recover.

It could be related to IBS or gastritis. Usually the symptoms subside, but a second opinion wouldn’t hurt.

Did your doctor provide medicine or suggest a diet to minimize symptoms?

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Not something that can be diagnosed over the internet.

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I’m not asking for a diagnosis, I just want some sympathy or similar stories so I don’t feel so alone! x

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I couldn’t think of an appropriate title ;)

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Ugh, I’m sorry I went through something similar. I had all kinds of tests done, scoped from both ends and nothing was ever found. It was a particularly stressfull time and my doc pretty much told me it was caused by the stress. It eventually went away but it did cause me to pay closer attention to my health

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Do get checked out further though.

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Where is your pain? Behind your left breast, behind your right breast? In the center of your chest above the breast line going up towards your throat?

Obviously, if the pain is severe, probably you should get a second opinion.

Constipation can cause pain all they way up to the stomach, this used to happen to me. The pain was very bad in my stomach (towards the left in my chest) and one time I went to the hospital just to make sure it wasn’t a heart attack. Eventually, I had exploratory fertility related surgery and my colon was adhered to my left ovary and just a mess in there, and he separated my colon from the mess and my stomach pain magically went away. I had colon discomfort also before the surgery. It was like I could feel the food traveling through my colon, especially around the corners. You say your not constipated though, so it’s likely not your problem, but I thought I would share the story just in case you relate to it.

Did the doctor give you any medicine for gastritis?

When I had an esophageal ulcer I was in constant pain regardless of eating or not. I don’t know if stomach ulcers are the same?

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Didn’t the Dr. recommend any course of treatment or course of action?

I’ve been diagnosed with IBS and I’ve never experienced anything like this.
If it’s been going on long enough for you to have seen a Dr. you should be getting some kind of relief by now. I would contact the Dr. and let him know you’re still having a lot of pain. If he’s not the same Dr. as diagnosed the IBS, then you should perhaps contact the IBS specialist, too.

Don’t just suffer through it. Start pestering people until you get some relief. Have you spoken to a knowledgeable pharmacist? That might get you better free help that you’ll get here, as long as you don’t start off repeating what a doctor has already told you.

Take this with a grain of salt – it’s not a substitute for medical attention if you’re in bad pain. It might be something to try in small doses over the longer term, however:
Home Remedies for Gastritis

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“I’m not asking for a diagnosis”

Yes, you are. Read your own question. You are most definitely asking for a diagnosis.

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Have you had an upper endoscopy done? You sound like you are in too much pain to not have it addressed properly, and it seems your doctor isn’t. He needs to give you more support and help. Is he doing anything to help the symptoms? I would go to another doctor if possible. He sounds like he is of little help.

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Don’t go back to the same doctor. Try a new one.

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Is this a regular doctor or a Gastroenterologist? If he’s just a general doctor, get thee to a specialist.

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It’s easing up now. I really was seeing if anyone else has experienced this?
I am seeing a Gastro but not for 2 weeks…. x My Dr is pretty good, most Dr’s I think would send me on my way having IBS – and two weeks prior I did all my bloods which were great.
I guess we’ll see what the Gastro says – Im over being so damn sensitive!

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If you’re in a lot of pain I don’t think you are being sensitive.

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