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In your opinion should the police have better training at deescalating a situation when they arrive on scene?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (19394points) May 25th, 2016

I realize they have a tough job, and want whatever the situation is over immediately, but quite often they make it a lot worse by their actions.
Should they be better trained at defusing, rather than running in with guns blazing?

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Who can say no to that?

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But squeeky, that would make it harder for them to manufacture incidents with which they can funnel people into the prison industrial complex!
Think of the shareholders!

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It seems to me in many cases the police should have better training in minding their own business. I was driving in the bigger city and some cop pulls me over and asks “Where are you headed to?” I said that was none of his business. This is one of several reasons why I try to avoid going into hugger cities.

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@GSLeader What are “hugger cities”?

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Bigger cities that should say. Must have been done autocorrect thing.

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More training is never bad, Neither is target shooting practice.

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The US police? Yes!

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All Police forces @Zaku seem to need better training at deescalating situations, not just the us but all of them,even our mounties have been found guilty of shoot first and ask questions later type thing.

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Everyone says their employees are “the best and brightest” I wish we could make our police the actual best and brightest. Make the pay awesome, only accept the best people available and make the training and education required rigorous. That alone would probably alleviate some issues we have with police. They most certainly are not the best, brightest, highly trained, well educated and well paid.

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I think if we paid our police better, generally, we would draw more people genuinely interested in helping other people and fewer Barney Badasses that are willing to work for a low wage if they can power trip their jollies off.

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Such operations are best applied to more to older, more experienced specialists.

The new constable on the ground is, like a low ranking troop, supposed to follow orders without question. At this level, situational analysis, moral ramifications and indeed self preservation are best not factored in. Mentally mature ability to asses risk do not help the cause as a whole.

Ranks in the military and in law enforcement exist for a reason.

One can only hope that the farther one goes up the pay scale the better the position holder is.

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