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Is it weird to think my dream bf is real and he closed tabs on my computer I didn't want?

Asked by Nevada83 (828points) June 3rd, 2016

I was calculating some stuff (supposedly alone) and three tabs on my computer were closed that I didn’t remember closing, and they had no reason to close by themselves. Then, I was playing Shopping City at and it’s a game where you have to initiate it into performing actions (I hadn’t done that yet) and it was playing itself. IS THAT WEIRD!?!?!?

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I have no idea where you’re going with this. Dream boyfriend? What?

Sound more like you need to run a security check on your computer.

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The ghosts of dream boyfriends can close your tabs at any moment, Yes. call a paranormal expert ASAP.

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So you think your “dream boyfriend” is real and is closing your tabs? Is that your question?

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Sounds more like phantom device input from a bug or hardware issue, or touch device you don’t realize is there. Not that you don’t also have a dream boyfriend, but he just checks you out when you’re near mirrors, and watches you sleep.

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Yes, it is weird.

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Every character in a dream is you. Who else would it be? That means there is a part of your brain capable of manufacturing personalities separate from your own ego identity. It is entirely possible to manifest these identities while you are awake, usually through advanced shamanic techniques. These are known as tulpas, and they can be quite dangerous. Tulpas begin as very simple archetypes, but the longer they exist, the more experiences and personality they acquire. Over time it’s possible for the tulpa to become more powerful than your own ego-self and to supplant it. This is generally referred to as “demon possession.”

My suggestion to you is to use some simple purification and protection rituals. It’s not that the rituals themselves have some kind of intrinsic power, but that by performing them you empower yourself through suggestion. There are plenty of purification rituals available online in a variety of mystic and shamanic traditions, but salt is the most universal and common. Sprinkle salt in the corner of each room you want protected, then sweep it up the next day and throw it away. Replace the salt each day.

There are more advanced energy-manipulation techniques (such as reiki or tantra) for controlling and/or banishing tulpas if the salt purification doesn’t work, and even simple visualization and Jungian active imagination exercises can be useful for doing tulpa work, but it probably won’t be necessary. If you’ve accidentally created a tulpa, then you probably already have the intuitive knowledge to dispel it.

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Not weird—instructional (as many dreams can be). Only you can decide this interesting dream’s meaning, but my interruptation is that it’s about a need/desire for mental closure of a past relationship(s) and/or fear of the challenge of a new one(s).

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Yes, it is weird.

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