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What's something that you would never touch with your bare hands?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) June 24th, 2016

Ideally something we actually encounter in our daily lives, but I’m looking to encourage a little thoughtful fun.

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Ungrounded electrical wiring.
Human babies.

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Dead animals, unless I knew how they died and how long they’d been dead.

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The contents of my vacuum cleaner’s bag.

I recently lost my wedding ring and thought it might have been vacuumed. When I removed the bag, tore it open, and began to sort through, I wore three pairs of latex gloves. There was no way I’d touch any of that filth.

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@Love_my_doggie where was your ring? Found it yet?

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Grandma’s tits

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@ZEPHYRA Sadly, no, the ring hasn’t turned up. I went online and bought a replacement.

I dropped the ring, heard it hit the floor, and never saw it again. It has to be somewhere; it must have bounced inside of something. I’d thought I’d find the ring as soon as I’d bought a new one, because that’s how life can be. But, this is still a mystery.

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@ucme I always put on gloves before touching my grandma’s tits.

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Mercury, plutonium, Hillary Clinton.

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@chyna I was going to say poop too, but then I remembered I used cloth diapers on my kids when they were infants. I’d drop them in the toilet and swirl and swish and rinse and scrub to get the worst off, before I threw them in the washer.

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@trolltoll A catcher’s mitt to gather in all that saggage?

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Donald Trump’s hairmat weave.


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No human babies, @trolltoll?

So, as long as I know that the coon at the end of the driveway was run over by a car on Wednesday, @Dutchess_III, you’re good with coming to collect it?
I think the coyote beat you to it, anyway.

Hmmm. I’ve fished stuff out of the vacuum bag and not thought that much about it, @Love_my_doggie. Great, a new phobia for me.

I’m not that squeamish about poop anymore, @chyna. I expected that to be a top answer, even if many here are current or former diaper changers.

Your grandma’s tits, @ucme or just grandmotherly tit in general.
BTW, for the record, I have had none, and want none of that. GA

Do you put the gloves on your hands, or on the tits, @trolltoll?

I used to play with mercury when I was a kid, @Cruiser.
Bart Simpson sorta played with plutonium.
Chelsea Clinton Eww. Bill! J/K

Is that one answer, @zenvelo? Are you suggesting that thing on Trump’s head is the result of some sort of infection?
But Pus is a seriously good answer.

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It was run over on Wednesday? So what day is it today? And has it been hot or cold?

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Friday today. 90–100° days.

I killed it with a melon. The melon spoiled and I didn’t want to put it in the trash for the landfill. If I put the melon in the yard or ditch, the coons an possums get used to being close to the house.
So I rolled it down the inclined driveway, into the weeds on the other side of the 2-lane blacktop in front of my house. The next morning there was one less coon that ever had to worry about being hungry again.
I think another critter may have beaten you to it. :-(

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@ibstubro I don’t do babies.
Or toddlers.
Actually, I would like to revise my answer to say “individuals under the age of 18.”

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I started to reply to that in disbelief, @trolltoll, then realized I don’t know when I’ve touched a baby. Or a person under the age of 18 for that matter.
Mine was not a ‘touchy’ family, I don’t have kids myself, and touching other people’s kids strikes me, generally, as a bad idea. I’m just not around a lot of kids.

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As a woman of childbearing age, @ibstubro, my position is frequently met with disbelief. There is nothing you could say that I haven’t heard before!!!

hey you’re from the midwest? Me too! Madison represent!!!!!!

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In true Wisconsin fashion, I have had a few tonight.

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A fire.
Dry ice.
Pink insulation.
Food that’s being prepped to eat at a restaurant.
A spider.
That plant that shoots those thorny things at you.
The grinch. Not even with a 39½ foot pole.

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Bear hands.

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@ibstubro 2.5 days, it 90+ heat, rotting? No. I’d use a shovel, if I bothered to remove it.

Something killed a possum out by our garage, close to the alley. We noticed it after it was about 50% decomposed. We just left it.
The next year we needed some sort of stick to stick through some matching holes to hold the garage door shut. Looking around I found a possum bone that was perfect.
Not sure which bone it was…possibly the femur?

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The food at a potluck dinner, unless I know the cooks very well. I wouldn’t touch the stuff with my bare hands, and I certainly wouldn’t eat it.

Anyone who’s ever gone door-to-door campaigning or raising money for a charity, or who’s worked as an in-house repairman, would likely agree. It can be a real shocker to see how filthy some people’s homes are. Someone might bathe, wear clean clothes, and look terrific to the outside world, all the while living in squalor. I’ve been stunned by kitchens that looked and smelled like garbage dumpsters on a hot, humid day.

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I’m north of St. Louis, @trolltoll, in rural Il/MO.
I’d love to summer in Wisconsin!

For the longest time, @dxs, I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to handle pink insulation.
I’ll pick the little, hairy, hoppy spiders up and carry them outside.
I hadn’t thought of the Grinch! Ha!

Are you sure about that, @ragingloli ?

Not a problem, @Dutchess_III. A coyote, possum or fox beat you to it. Roadkill doesn’t last long around here.

I was really bad about that at bake sales for a long time, @Love_my_doggie. I’ve relaxed a lot and now I’ll eat most things at bake sales (figuring the other members temper the nasty people). I’m not subjected to many pot lucks these days.

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I can’t really think of much that I wouldn’t touch, I’m usually quite willing to do things others may find disgusting.
I wouldn’t want to ever touch meat because I’m vegetarian, but honestly that’s all I can think of.

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As a pescatarian myself, @lugerruger, I have to ask, why does it matter so much whether an animal is dead or alive? Touching it, I mean?

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@ibstubro: You don’t eat meat?

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No, @jca, I do not eat meat.
At least 20 years.
I regard it as a personal choice, not a crusade.

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fish is meat.
Just saiyan.

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Pescatarian, as stated.

If someone wants to look into the various permutations of the vegetarian lifestyle, they’re welcome to.
For me it’s a personal choice.
Not a crusade.

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which means you do eat meat.

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I would not snake a sewer with my bare hands.

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raw poultry

for a long time I wouldn’t even touch cooked poultry

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What’s the problem with poultry, @BellaB?

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I remember when they only sold whole chickens. You couldn’t buy parts separately. Mom put me in charge of cutting that sucker up for fried chicken….because she just couldn’t handle it. She was raised on a farm and the chicken slaughters just horrified her.

Same thing with cleaning fish. Dad taught us how to clean fish. I found out later it’s because it made him squeamish!

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@ibstubro – I don’t like the texture. Or more correctly, didn’t like the texture. I don’t hate it now but it doesn’t creep me out now.

handling worms never bothered me… but poultry (and occasionally ground beef) had a gross feeling to me

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I’d sooner cut up a chicken than put a worm on a hook.

I’ve never cleaned a fish.
Now we all know why I’m a pescatarian!

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Well, guess that answers my question from the BBQ post, @ibstubro!

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@Dutchess_III quit spinning in place, girl, and stick to a topic!

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