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What will future music be like?

Asked by flutherother (34625points) July 5th, 2016

How do you imagine future music will be? Where will you hear it what will its effect be on you and on others who will produce it and why?

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Technology inspired. Like techno.

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Drums and no melody or words. Just grunts. Another sign of the downfall of society right in front of our eyes (and ears).

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Never as good as it was.

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With humans inate desire to be creative I expect technology to give girth to a new generation of holographic musical instruments, I expect a lot will be AI generated wav. files. But I also believe that acoutic instruments and musicians that play them will always be a part of our musical future.

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I miss the 70’s.

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Anal pipes played by flatulent youths with extremely pliable arseholes

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@ucme extremely pliable arseholes

Are you describing physical attributes or personality traits?

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Like rock and roll of the 50’s and 60’s but more techno.

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@Yetanotheruser That, I leave up to the reader

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Terrible. A future filled with the ilk of Justin Beaver, Rebecca Black, -Bonce-beyonce, Shakira, and Kevin Bacon.

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@kritiper The instrument of choice in rock and roll was the saxophone, about as UN-techno as can be. You don’t even need a horn to make saxophone music.

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