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How many calories can you burn from dancing ?

Asked by partyrock (3870points) November 15th, 2011

How many calories does dancing burn off ? Let’s say if I dance constantly for 45 minutes ?

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Depends on the type of dancing as well as your current body make up.

Here are a few charts/calcutators:

Dance Chart

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^ GA – gotta lurve fluther!

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yeah @blueiiznh has it…......

like are you talking about waltz

or krumping?

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I would say about 300. I suggest you walk and jog on a treadmill that estimates your calorie burn. Within a few sessions you will become familiar with how hard you are breathing, how tiring the work out is, and how many calories you have burned. Then you can translate it to your dancing.

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I reckon it would be similar to doing aerobics for that time (but more fun). However how many calories you burn is an impossible question to answer. Charts and calculators probably dont take your height and weight into consideration and even if they did there’s still how quickly you burn calories anyway. Even if you knew that, the act of exercising changes the rate you burn as well. So the answer is – it depends :-D. But it will help you lose weight, definitely. Just give it all a go and see how you get on as it’s hard to predict how a person will react to diet and exercise changes

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Depends on the dance. Most Latin dancs can make you break a sweat.

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Well Zumba can burn up to 500 calories in an hour if your vigorous.

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