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Who was the musician from India featured on NPR recently, and what was the catchy song they played a clip from?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) July 6th, 2016

It was a male blues singer, although the song I’m looking for was not a blues song.
The song I’m looking for appeared to be nonsense.

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@ibstubro and @janbb – Thanks for those breadcrumbs. Now I’m listening to Taj Mahal and dealing with the weather.

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I heard that broadcast yesterday. Or rather it was in the background while I fought traffic in the video game that is my commute. I don’t remember the guy’s name, but punch up the NPR site and all should be revealed.

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Here he is, Aki Kumar. It took a little hunting, it’s on the PRI site, not NPR.

PRI – The World – July 5, 2016 – I wanted to be bigger than Bill Gates — but I fell in love with the blues

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My article was from quite a while ago so probably not the same guy. I just took another gander at and didn’t see anything obvious. It would help if you knew what show it is.

And @Call_Me_Jay just nailed it!

Cool clip, by the way! I’ve been in that club.

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Here is the original song if you would like to watch/hear..sung by well known singer Kishor Kumar back in 50’s.

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Here is the original song

WOW! He’s the Cab Calloway of Bollywood! Holy moly, that’s the best!

And check this out. Youtube led me to a new biopic, with HD color shot-for-shot recreations of 1950s musical numbers.

These are so beautiful.

Shola Jo Bhadke Video Song | Vidya Balan & Mangesh Desai | Ekk Albela

Bholi Surat | Ekk Albela | Video Song | Vidya Balan

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Aki Kumar’s Eena Meena Deeka was what I was looking for, but I have SO enjoyed this question!

Thanks to all, and especial thanks to @Call_Me_Jay for nailing it!

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