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Devil's Advocate?

Asked by trumi (6491points) July 30th, 2008

If you tell someone you are playing Devil’s Advocate , are you still playing Devil’s Advocate? I’ve never been much good at it because I very much like to express my real opinion. What does Fluther pretend to think?

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I think you could still be playing devil’s advocate even after stating you are playing devil’s advocate….it could simply mean you are intentionally arguing another perspective just for the sake of argument…the fact that the person knows you are indeed playing the devil’s advocate wouldn’t change the fact you are indeed playing the devil’s advocate.

I will often tell someone I am playing the devil’s advocate for the sake of debate. Always fun with talks in religion, or many other unknowns.

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Just like in a high school debate club, you must be prepared to argue either side. I find that playing devil’s advocate (which I don’t do regularly) helps inform and strengthen my actual opinions. When I do play devil’s advocate, I always make it clear that I am doing so…otherwise it is just argumentative!

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@trumin…why TOAST?

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I don’t know, but its a good movie!

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If you’re presenting an opposing/controversial view point and trigger reactions to it – it doesn’t really matter if you pretend to support that view point or not. The effect is the same and you are still in the role of devil’s advocate.

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on the contrary you can say ”“I am willing to agree with you to end this conversation”.

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I am a chronic Devil’s Advocate. Even if I don’t agree with something, I can usually understand the logic of the people who do support it, even if that logic is twisted or fuzzy. I very much enjoy debating and using the arguments of one side to examine and strengthen the arguments of the other side.

But I find that if I don’t tell people that’s what I’m doing, I get into trouble. People think I actually believe the point I’m arguing and they gradually stop arguing their point and turn their replies into personal attacks instead.

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@uber…ahhh, now I see :)

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:D yeah.

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