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What email site should I use thats best for iPhone and computer? (exp. hotmail, yahoo, gmail)

Asked by fortris (680points) July 30th, 2008

The question explains it all really, and if there is no difference on iPhone than just which one is best for computer? (but it still has to be useable by the native mail app on the iPhone)

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All the ones you just named are compatible, and for the most part there is zero difference in usability in the iPhone’s mail app. All use either IMAP or POP3 for their mail protocol, so you’ll need to double check with that service to see which one they use; also, each mail system should have setup instructions on their website for iPhone users, although it’s really straightforward when you launch the iPhone’s Mail app for the first time.

Otherwise, go to Settings/Mail and click the “add” button under accounts, and you’ll be able to perform the same setup process. I personally use GMail and YMail, but both function identically once you set them up. Neither sync with the iPhone’s Calendar App (to my knowledge), but I may be wrong.

Now that said, those are all the free apps; the “best” user experience all-around will be either Mobile Me or Microsoft Exchange (the latter only if you work for a company that uses Exchange); but as you know Mobile Me is a paid subscription, and Exchange will only work if your company uses an Exchange server (and has set it up for IMAP).

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Ugg, I see now how pointless this question is, and since I already have a Yahoo, I’ll make it a Gmail.

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I have MobileMe, GMail, Yahoo, AIM (all IMAP), and my cable provider (POP).

Only MobileMe (formerly .mac from Apple) and Yahoo will push the mail to your iPhone. MobileMe isn’t free… but it includes other features to use your iPhone more productively, so you may want to check it out.

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I’m not sure if it’s changed, but one of the perks of using Yahoo mail with an iPhone was that it was live push mail. Email to a Yahoo address makes an instant ding on the phone. Gmail didn’t support this at the time the initial iPhone was launched, and I haven’t tested recently to see if Yahoo still does it.

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i’m really really into gmail.

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I agree with woodland, gmail wins on all fronts. The web interface for the mobile and full browser versions is second to none. Features Gmail wins again.

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I vote for Gmail as well, for the way it organizes itself and also saves drafts for you while composing. That feature alone has saved me a lot of grief. It has a great spam blocker as well.

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So far you guys have NO argument for gmail. In my opinon, push email BEASTS all other features. And I included the iPhone into the equasion because I use email 99% of the time through it.

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@fortris-personally I can’t stand push email…15 min intervals works just fine for me, and I am a former Crackberry addict-I remember that sensation of constantly reaching for my handheld-yuck.

My day is significantly less stressful without it- but YMMV I suppose.

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@sndfreQ Heres the big difference between fetch and push, push is instant and doesn’t kill battery because it’s through the cell towers you already use. Its not an extra function.

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@fortris: thanks for the clarification; maybe it’s the iPhone firmware but in terms of battery life push is far more draining than fetch.

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AIM/AOL for sure. You don’t want to go with the Gmail. I tried it out and it was horrible. I had to switch back to AOL it was so bad. And AIM or AOL Mail is compatible with the iPhone.

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